4 Festive Corporate Gift Ideas that will Impress Your Client

4 Festive Corporate Gift Ideas that will Impress Your Client

4 Festive Corporate Gift Ideas that will Impress Your Client

Impressing Your Client with a Festive Gift

Your Client has received many different types of gifts on each and individual different occasion.  But how hard is it to impress your client with your gift and even to give it during the festive season. In today’s article, we show you 4 different techniques and ways which you can customize a corporate gift where your logo branded as a promotional gift for your client as your marketing collaterals.

#1: An Gift with an Image that Shows the Festive Mood

A Corporate Gift that just simply shows your Logo and slogan will not catch the attention of your client. That is a good marketing and promotional gift but not impressive yet. But if you were to do it with a nice beautiful image that shows the mood and affection on the corporate gift.  We are sure that it will catch the attention of your client and it definitely leaves a positive impression with your client.

For instance, if you print a Cheerful image of a family having Thanksgiving dinner of a powerbank. It will also relate to your customer family and friends where your client will recall good positive and wonderful memories which convey onto your corporate gifts.


#2:  A Custom Branded Food Hamper

I am sure no one will say no to Food.  Let alone a beautifully wrapped food hamper or a food basket with your company logo on it.  When your client receives your custom branded food hamper as a corporate gift, they will definitely share the joy with their family and friends.  This way all of your corporate gifts which has your logo branded is consumed and spread throughout your client family and friends during the spirit of giving.

This way, they relate your corporate gift as a generous promotional gift that goes beyond the extra mile that takes care of their fellow colleagues and family members.  On the other hand, they will relate cheerful and joyful feelings on your corporate gift and your company logo where your promotional gift shows.

#3:  Any Personalized Wrapped Gift

There is no doubt your client received many gifts but to receive a personalized corporate gift which your clients name on it and a dedicated personalized message on the gift. This will definitely melt the heart of your client and shows how sincere and serious you are in getting a corporate gift for your client.

Do personalize a thank you card or customized a postcard with your message to your client.  This way, your client will know that you take them seriously apart from those normal customers that you have handled.  Taking a couple of minutes to personalize that card, wrapper or message for your client will differentiate you from the other suppliers or vendors.


#4:  A Gift that Your Client Find it Hard to Get

If your customer can purchase or get the type of corporate gift that you are giving to them easily, this is not a very good promotional gift.  This would mean that your customer can easily purchase your gift down the road and the malls.  For this instance, your clients might have multiple gifts of that model or design which you are giving to. In their eyes, this is just another normal boring item in their cabinet.

However, if you were to customize a corporate gift where your customer has not seen before or cannot purchase that gift in their country or district. This is a very good corporate gift for your client. Your client knows that this corporate gift is special or hard to get by. They can show their colleagues and family members with your logo branded on it, and they can be so proud and honored to received that corporate gift from you.

Show Your Sincerity & Warmth

Lastly when you would want to customize any corporate gift for your customers during the festive season, always put yourself into the shoes of the customer and know what predicaments they are facing

As long as you put in extra effort with a touch of your sincerity, we are confident that the corporate gift that you give to your client on any occasion will impress your client and bring them nearer to you. That is the true meaning of a corporate gift.


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