5 Creative Corporate Gift ideas which can be Eco-Friendly Gifts

5 Creative Corporate Gift ideas which can be Eco-Friendly Gifts

5 Creative Corporate Gift ideas which can be Eco Friendly Gifts

Are you Looking for some creative/unique corporate gift that is Eco friendly products but can’t manage to find any? Fear not, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will talk about 5 creative corporate gift ideas which can be used as Eco Friendly Gifts that are ideal for anybody to use.

1) Lunch box

Lunch box is a great gift for Eco friendly product as anybody can use it. They can bring it anywhere they go like office, picnic, travel etc. Giving a lunch box for your clients, staff etc is a smart way to go as they can use it often so that whenever they use it, they will remember your name and your company leaving your recipients a good impression. If you are thinking of lunch box as a corporate gift idea, we have different designs of the lunch box. Let me share some of our lunch boxes that we have.

1) 3 Tier Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Why this lunch box is great is because you can portion to place your daily meals inside. You don’t have to worry about storing all your messy food into 1 it is very untidy. Comes with a chopstick and a fork for easy using so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your cutlery or if there are no cutlery for you to use. Another great thing about this lunch box is that other than your usual heavy normal food like noodles you can store your fruits, snacks or salad as well this way you can balance out your meal. It is also perfect to prep your meals the day before etc. Browse the product here https://iwantcustomgift.com/product/3-tier-eco-friendly-lunch-box/ or You can also browse all of our reusable lunch boxes from iwantcustomgift.

2) Cutlery Set

After talking about lunch box, Let’s talk about cutlery set. Cutlery Set is also another great gift for Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Singapore ideas. Reason being is because everybody needs to eat and they will eat outside. Have you ever noticed the cutlery outside doesn’t wash properly or you spotted some dirt on their cutlery so you take a tissue to clean it away or exchange another one? That’s when cutlery set comes in to save your day. By bringing your own cutlery set, you can enjoy eating your food be it outdoor or indoor in peace without having to worry if there are any germs or dirt on it. Now, you must be wondering so I have to find a storage to keep my cutlery inside? That’s so troublesome! But what if I said you don’t have to worry about that? Yes you heard that right, Let me introduced to you some of our Eco Friendly cutlery sets that comes with their own packaging box say what??!!

1) Reusable Spin Out Cutlery Set

This cutlery set not only does it comes with their own packaging box but it is design in a creative way to open it. It consists of 1 pair of chopsticks and 1 metallic spoon. The best part is that it is so handy and lightweight, you can bring it anywhere you want. It allows you to reuse it umpteen times and it is very easy to clean

3) Eco Friendly Drink wares

We have covered lunch box and cutlery set now lets talk about drink wares. There’s not many people know that there are Eco-Friendly Drink wares in the market so it will be a suitable gift for your clients because it is a good conversation starter. By giving Eco-friendly drink ware to your clients, it is also a hidden message to remind them to always be hydrate no matter where they are plus they get to save the environment too killing two birds with one stone! How brilliant is that! We have 5 Eco friendly Drink wares for you to choose from you can browse it here https://iwantcustomgift.com/product-category/drink-wares/eco-friendly-bottles/

but first I would like to recommend 1 of them to you.

1) Eco Wheat Travel Mug.

If you or your clients are a coffee or tea or simply a hot drink lover, This Travel Mug is a must have in your life. What’s so good about this mug is that it has double layer insulation and it is heat resistant besides that, it has rotation leakproof lid with ventilation holes so you don’t have to worry of accidentally spilling your drink all over.

4) Eco Friendly Post It Pad

Who would have thought Eco friendly post it Pad exist? But apparently they do and it is a good alternative way to replace your normal post it pad to the eco friendly ones. By giving the eco friendly version, you are lowkey reminding your clients to do a good deed to save the environment and you are also spreading awareness. I would highly recommend you 2 of the products which is the A5 Eco Book With Multiple Post It and the Eco Friendly Post lt Combo Set. These 2 products are for different purposes.

1) A5 Eco Book With Multiple Post It

This Eco Book are everything that you need. It consists of sticky notes, a Eco Friendly pen and a hard cover notebook with 80 sheets of lined pages. All conveniently in 1. It saves time and space as well. You Don’t have to bring it one by one and don’t have to worry about losing your items

2) Eco Friendly Post lt Combo Set

However, if you are looking for another option without the lined pages. You can consider this combo set as well. This combo set also comes with sticky notes and a eco friendly pen but without the lined page. This is ideal for drawing, taking down memo, taking down notes etc.

5) Tote Bag

We have covered lunch box, cutlery set, drinkware and Post-it pad all these items of course must put it in a bag so for the last product of corporate gift ideas we will be talking about tote bag. Tote bag is a very common product when it comes to corporate gift but what makes it special compared to other corporate gift supplier of their tote bag is that our tote bag can be recycled. Introduced to you our Recycled Jute Tote Bag. This tote bag has excellent heat resistance, difficult deformation and the best part are it does not rust and it is anti-microbial. It is a multipurpose jute bag which can be used as a lunch bag, shopping bag or travel bag. It has different sizes for you to choose from depending on what purposes you intend to use it for. If you think the tote bag is too plain for you, you can opt to customise your company logo that way it will be more unique gift.


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