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Its saddening to see many people using those boxes and throwing them away after using the items inside. Therefore we want to introduce 1 bag that is extremely durable , practical and reusable for you to use Clear Wash Reusable Bag These bag is water resistance , can be reused and extremely durable for you to pack on the go. Soft of the inside and strong on the outside.

Daniel from iwantCUSTOMGIFT will be showing you 1 new corporate gift idea in 1 minute video every single day! Is your umbrella no strong and UV covered ? or Are you always frustrated when opening and closing your brolly that caused you to get wet ? Introducing “ Lightweight Automatic UV umbrella “ You can now open and Close the umbrella with a touch of button and get UV Protected ! Light, Small and Durable. Power !

Do you want to use a earbuds that is extremely small and yet functional ? Introducing one of the world smallest wireless earbuds that you can use for listening to music and phone calls This Wireless Earbuds is rechargeable and so small that you can hide inside your pocket and use it on the go Listen to music or make phone calls simply by pairing via Bluetooth with your phones. You can 1. Make Phone Calls 2. Use it for Work Via Zoom 3. Use it for sports such as Gym and jog 4. Use it Whilst Commuting It comes in 2 sizes. The Product show in the video is the larger size.

Are you afraid when someone visit your house and you have to clean or sterilize the room or house ? We got the Solution Introducing “Nano Steel UVC Germicidal Lamp “ Sterilize and Disinfect your house of up to 40 Sqm and Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria The Power is 38 Watts and able to power up to 40 Sqm, You can also control the Timer with auto shutdown up to 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.

This finger pulse oximeter can monitor your heartbeat and oxygen level The recommended heart beat is 50 – 130 Bpm and the SP02 level is 95 – 100% You can use it on the go with its internal battery and check your health anytime any anywhere you are Small , Light and Pocket size for you to bring back home or otherwise check outdoors.

Are you worried when someone scans and steal your credit card details ? Or Are you frustrated of bringing extra wallets to stores extra cards or money Or worse still Do you want your pockets are full with unnecessary items ? Introducing our RFID Card Wallet This is one of the smallest, thinnest and lightest RFID Card Wallet You can store 4 to 6 cards at the front and slide open to use it when you need it At the back , you can store your keys , coins or notes for extra use Reduce the Clutter and bring the essentials

Will you be shock if I have a Mousepad that can be used as a wireless charger and fold into 1/3 of its size ? Introducing our “ Tri Fold Wireless Mousepad “ This Tri Fold Wireless Mousepad can be folded and expanded into 3 times of it sizes depending on how you want to use it. You can fold it as a wireless charger to be used at home Or Fold it as a phone stand to watch your shows on the go This Mousepad is one of the thinnest lightest and probably the smart wireless charger mousepad that you can find now !

Daniel from iwantCUSTOMGIFT will be showing you 1 new corporate gift idea in 1 minute video every single day! Please hydrate yourself and bring a durable thermal flask bottle when going outdoors. Introducing “ Stainless Steel Flask Bottle “ Where you can enjoy hot and cold water up to 3 to 4 hours with its stainless steel 304 . Comes with a Hook and a Attached bottle cap and a filter as well. You don’t need to worry about losing your bottle and drinking unchilled water now !

Are you able to use your Pen as a phone holder when you are having your lunch or work from home ? The best part is that you can use your pen as a stylus on your smart phones Even better is that you can use the pen as a torchlight at night and dark spots This pen is a gel point which means the ink will not smudge when writing over time Phone Stand + Stylus + Torch Light + Pen = Multifunctional Pen

Keep your items organised in this foldable clutch bag You can bring your work items regardless if you are working from home or office On top of it, you can also put your personal essentials in this clutch bag whilst going for your errands or trips Water resistance, lightweight and useful !

Are you frustrated when you lack of USB Hubs to charge and plug Or Are you angry when your USB Hub is slow and laggy “ Aluminium Alloy USB3.0 HUB “ Made with one of the finest and durable aluminium alloy material for high durability and fast connectivity USB3.0 Super fast speed that is 3 to 4 time faster than the normal USB2.0 Hub

This UV Mosquito Repellent allows you to say clear and free of flying insects within the vicinity. It does not emit any smell or disturbing sounds at all It uses UV ray to attract and kill the mosquitoes inside the repellents. After which , you can take out the cover and empty the repellants Portable , Rechargeable and Practical for you to use at home and outdoors.

Are you frustrated when you always have to change your bag for sports, work or even weekend trips ? Introducing our “ Travol Sports Bag “ This Travol Sports Bag has 3 different compartments where you can use for work , sports and even short trips as well. The Front Section lets you organized your quick access items such as your commonly used items. You can put your shoes ,IPADs in the middle section where there is ventilation fins at the bottom At the rear part, you can put your toiletries and soiled clothes so it doesn’t get messedup. You can even carry as a shoe bag, backpack it and even cross body as a sling bag as well.

DO you know you can organize your items , write on the go and do your wireless charging with this ? Introducing our “ Work Tech Folio “ This work Tech Folio is our Premium , Functional and Futuristic Work Organizer ! You can place your personal and work essentials with this folder With its individual dedicated compartments , you can keep your pocket essentials such as cable , cards , pens and coin all in 1 organizer folio When required, you can even use it as a writing board with a hidden pocket at the back to put your A4 papers and documents. Made with Premium leather and protected with solid YKK Zips. This Tech Folio is a premium gift for the VIPs.

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