Corporate Gifts Trending Search Items

Corporate Gifts Trending Search Items

Top Singapore Corporate Gifts Search Terms

Singapore Corporate Gifts

This post is to iron out and share the top google search terms that people are searching on google in related to corporate gift searches. Therefore we decide to list down the top Google search terms that people are searching for corporate gifts.

There are corporate gifts questions where people are asking for clarification and definition on the meaning of corporate gifts and what are the relations to it to their work. Most of the search terms are corporate gifts gift ideas that people are searching in related to their work , life and interest. Without much further ado , we will explain the Top 10 Corporate Gifts Search terms in google that all Singaporeans are searching for corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Corporate Gifts For Employees

https://iwantcustomgift.com/product-category/bags/Corporate Gifts For Employees has to be practical , usable and functional. Because those gifts are to be useful and helpful in their day to day activities . When compared to corporate gifts for clients,  Employees corporate gift doesnt need to invest much on its packaging and aesthetic. Therefore Employees corporate gifts has be useful and functional to help them to become more productive and efficient. 

Contrary to that, we do not recommend splurging on branded items for employees because  external stakeholders will judge and pass unnecessary comments on the gift items.  In addition , we do not advise giving gift vouchers or cash because some employees will use that for other financial activities such as soliciting or selling it for personal benefits. On top of that, employees will comment on the amount that you were to give on the year to year basis. Therefore avoid cash will also minimize rumours and politics against favoritism as to who receive more cash and the manner as to how and when the cash was given to the employee

As for what items are suitable and recommended for employees would also depend on their nature of job and the philosophy of the company. In terms of blue collar and skilled labour,  we would recommend you to consider lifestyle items such as water bottles  and bags where they can use it and bring to work. These items are durable where they does not have a short lifespan and yet can be used  and stored for a long period of time. On top of it , water bottles will keep them stay hydrated during work and Bag will be sustainable for them to reduce the use of plastic bags. 

In the bottom video , we have 5 products that you can consider for your fellow employees when they are returning back to office after working from home and working in the new normal society. 

Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas is what everyone need to know when sourcing for suppliers and searching for product ideas. Firstly it is important to know the purpose of the gift as to what is the intention of the gift that it aims to achieve. Afterwhich  you would need to know the deliverables such as the budget, quantity , deadline and the reciepnts intended for the corporate gift. Whe you have the intention and the deliverables ,you can than start to search around ad streamline the different products and suppliers with the deliverables.

iwantCUSTOMGIFT has a wide range of product of about 900+ products  where you can select from but you can also search through its product through its top here or otherwise get yourself some useful tips at its content hub  . with its wide suite of products and resources, you should be able to educate yourself and equipped yourself with the right skillset and the right mindset when  sourcing for the right corporate gift for the company.


Therefore sourcing of corporate gift will not be difficult as most companies has its own range of main categories where you can view the main products in a hindsight. When sourcing , always take in consideration of the recipient demographics and psychographics . 

In the bottom video , iwantCUSTOMGIFT showcase its main categories as well as highlight its suite of services alongside of its product recommendations for you to view. 

Corporate Gifts Ideas For Employees

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

 We have an article post that talks about what are the corporate gifting guidelines and advice when it comes to selecting the right corporate gift for your employees. However in this article , we will talk in depth about the corporate gift ideas for the employees as to what product are suitable for the employees.

Drinkwares are the top and favorite choice amongst corporate gifts for employees. However they are a wide range of drinkwares that are designed for different drinking occasions for different persons. For example , Anti Fall drinkwares are suitable for people who are usually working on their desk as they would be worried that their cup of coffee would spill and make a mess on their workdesk. However for employees whom are usually on the go and commute most of the times,  Aluminium Flask Bottles  would be ideal for them, This is because  Aluminium Flask Bottles  allow them to consume their favorite beverages anytime and anywhere they are  where Aluminium Flask Bottles  would keep their beverages warm or cold up to 3 to 5 hours depending on the model that they choose. However consumers are very kept on the trend as they want to reduce the space clutter in the bag and yet enjoy their favorite drinks , therefore Collapsible Drinkwares   would allow them to minimize their bottles into their bags when unused and yet expand into a bottle whenever required to consume their drinks. Lastly sustainability has been a big concern and topic for everyone now , therefore Eco Friendly Drinkwares  would give a 2nd chance to those reusable material and reducing the waste as well.

In this article posting , we have also released a video that you can also searchfor some other COVID gifts ideas or work from home essentials that the employees can use when working from home . 

Corporate Gift Box

Corporate gift Box

Corporate Gift Boxes was also one of the top searches in Google amongst singapore  people because they wanted to know what are the various and different packaging options that are available in the market for them to contain and wrap their products/

Most customers that procure and source for gifts want to look for nice and presentable packaging box because it will uplift and bring up the value of the gift. In terms of the pandemic , gift boxes are also very popular because most users want to produce different gift items and collate everything into box that top up with a personalized custom message artcard inside the box.

There are a wide range and various options of packaging ranging from the traditional gift box , Eco Kraft Box ,  velvet pouches and paper boxes as well. Different items are designated for different purpose but it generally depends on the availability from the supplier that you are getting it from.

Gift Boxes are one of the most premium option as they are durable and presentable given its thickness and quality that was chosen and produce into the box. Kraft Box are one of the trending gift boxes because of the focus in sustainability in giving a 2nd  chance and reusing the reusable materials into a packaging box. As for velvet pouches and drawstring bags, they are extremely popular due to its lightweight material and its ability to be reused for other items even after its first usage. Lastly paper boxes are one of the most economical packaging due to its cost and its ability to produce in a double quick time.

Corporate Gift Supplier Singapore

Corporate Gift Supplier Singapore

Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Singapore is the top search in google because there are many corporate gift suppliers in singapore but they are niche and specialize in their own niche of field .  Corporate Gifts are very wide ranging from novelties , apparels ,  food , display ornaments and  so on. Therefore it is critical and important to understand the supplier well enough when searching for your next corporate gift supplier.

For example iwantcustomgift  is a full fledge corporate gift supplier that suppliers a full suite of gift items ranging from electronic gadgets to apparels as they are a product base supplier. However every company has its own specialty and signature products.   iwantCUSTOMGIFT specialty is focus of creating innovating and interesting product that stand outs from the normal products and created an impression with the user amongst the rest. They have about 900+ products at its full suite of selection   in event when  they want to select normal products or they have a special in house creative products where this are innovative product for consumer to choose from.


Lastly it would be good to choose a corporate gift supplier in Singapore because the local suppliers understand the requirements of the consumers and market best given their experience  and handling of the local market. On top of that, they are liable and responsible of managing the entire order from pre-sale to post sale where the consumers can entrust the entire process to the local corporate gift supplier. 

Corporate Gifts 2021

Corporate Gifts 2021

  Corporate Gifts demands and consumer sentiments has definitely shift and changed drastically across the past year since 2020 even since the start of COVID-19. Corporate Gifts for 2021 demands has shifted more towards sustainability , productivity and  healthcare.

As there are minimum events and tradeshows,  promotional items such as pens and books has dropped drastically as everyone is working from home. Therefore consumers are looking for productive items which can be used when working from home, office or even outside when required. For examples this Wireless Laptop Bag allows you to work at home or office whilst having the ergonomic items to support them when working on the laptop. Consumers are looking for smart items such as Wireless Mousepad  where it improves the productivity and efficiency of the users regardless of where they are working at.

Even Since COVID , healthcare gift items has been rising as companies has focus improving the hygiene and well being of their employees. For example , companies are ordering contactless sanitizer where employees can sanitizer their phones or hands without touching the item itself . In terms of promotional gift items in attempt to massive outreach the market , companies are turning to custom hand sanitizer where the hand sanitizer imprint their LOGO on the portable hand sanitizer so their brand get recognize when they are using the  custom hand sanitizer .


Lastly Sustainability gifts has been on the rising trend as companies are focusing or reusing and recyclable items when it comes to promotional and corporate gifts. For example this Ransform Bag  is a reusable bag where user can bring it to groceries shopping , bring it as a backpack for work and even use it as a staycation travel bag when expanded .  Ransform Bag   allows the user to be fold and kept into a pouch when unused . This will reduce the use of plastic bag and given a 2nd chance for the reusable materials.

Here are top 4 items that has been rising on trend in the market during 2021.  

Corporate Gift Meaning

Corporate Gift Meaning

 The real definition of a corporate gift is when an item is imprinted with a company or a particular logo and message onto the item. Afterwhich that corporate gift is than distributed and given out to their targeted audience and recipents with an intention of giving them a message upon receiving the gift item.

You can reach up about the Top 10 corporate gifts questions in google  where it answer the commonly asked question in google in related to corporate gifts. We have some fantastic articles and stories when it comes to corporate gifts. Here are our top 10 corporate gift ideas when searching for some corporate gifts product ahead for our event .


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However you must have the right knowledge and tips in understanding about corporate gifts when it comes to dealing and handling the corporate gift suppliers in sourcing for the right corporate gift for your customer and event.


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There are sufficient content and tips for you to understand corporate gifts in double quick time.Therefore we would encourage you to read up more before sourcing and purchasing the next corporate gift for your company.

However here are my personal tips when it comes to handling corporate gift suppliers when it comes to negotiating with your corporate gift Supplier

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How to create the right corporate gift for your company

Corporate Gifts For Teacher

Corporate Gifts For Teacher

A Teachers Day Gift is best crafted and customized when it comes from the bottom of the heart. This is when the teachers understand that the gift is customized with love and sincerity with receiving the right corporate gift.

Therefore it is important to understand what the teachers needs and wants so we can customize the right gift for Teachers . One of the top choices for teachers day gift are bags  because teachers would need to bring a lot of things to and fro for work. For example , they would need a document bag  when bringing the students documents back to office or home for correction . Teachers would also have their personal time when they would go to exercise with their shoe or toiletries bag so they can recharge their mind or body for the next working day  .  As home base learning and digital tools are on the rise , laptops are a must have for both students and teacher, therefore laptop bag are a good gift for the teachers . You can either customize a durable traditional laptop bag or a function futuristic laptop for your teacher .

However you can also consider functional items where it allows the teachers to improve their productivity for work and leisure. For example this F9 Wireless Earbuds Speaker would allow the teachers to listen to music , make phone calls and even charge their phones all in 1 particular device. Otherwise you can also impress the teachers with a hygiene well being gift such as this contactless sanitizer where they can sanitizer their hand before classes and even share it with their fellow teachers .


Lastly teachers would appreciate your gift no matter what you gift to them as long as you meant with great sincerity and love for them. 

In this video , we have our top 10 favourite Christmas gifts which you can gift to your teachers, colleagues and friends when it is the season of gifting and sharing.  

Corporate Gifts for Men

Corporate Gifts for Men

  Giving a Corporate gift for a Men is not easy because they rarely use items when giving out to them.  When it comes to big bulky unfunctional gift items , men would not want to use them as they are afraid of items which doesn’t not impress or of use to them.

Therefore it is recommend to give minimalistic , functional and innovative gift for men when it comes to striking a chord with them. The items must be of use to them and portable for them to carry around so it doesn’t obstruct their way of life and work.

For example ,     this lightweight minimalistic self fold bag can be used as a tote or cross body bag where they can keep their essentials inside and yet be folded into a pouch when unused.  This would give me ample space and minimum obstruction in their way of work.

Guys also like premium items that it uplift their status of work such as this Work Tech Folio  where it can keep their tablets,  phones, wallets, keys and pens inside which allows them to keep all their personal essentials in their car or pocket into this premium sleek folio bag. It also happens out into a workstation where they can use it as a writing board on the tech folio. However some guys would prefer a work clutch bag so it is thicker in depth and it converts into a work desk holder  where they can use and keep their stationaries , phones and gadgets into this multifunctional gadget bag.

There are some guys would are still unfazed when this type of items but they would be impressed by some functional and innovative gadgets which will wow and caught them off guard with its suite of features and functions.  For example , this CARTO Charging cable would be their all in one commuting needs where they can keep their sim card , use it as a card reader , charging cable or even slot their phone as a phone holder on their work desk.  If they are not impressed , there is a Wireless Laptop bag which allow them to work at home or office whilst allowing them to wireless charger their phone and giving them the ergonomic  features they need to work on with the laptop. 

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