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2 Fold Collapsible

Weight :98.7g Volumn:250mL Dimension : 10×5.6cm (Fold) 10×9.3cm (Opened) Material :Food Grade Silicon Suitable / Ideal : Travelling / Business Trip Description: This is a water cup of excellent design, safe and healthy security. It is made with food-grade silicone silo in a large Chinese factory. This makes it easy to carry. And suitable for … 2 Fold Collapsible Mug with Holder Read More »


2 Bottle Wine

Dimensions:18 x 10 x 35 cm Weight:200.3 grams Material:Oxford + Aluminium Film You are able to keep your wine cool in our cooler bag. Able to fit 2 bottles of wine. There will be a separator when placing them in to avoid them crashing into each other. Easy and portable for bringing outdoors


16000mah Solar Outdoor

Dimensions : 139 x 76 x 20 MM 10000Mah Capacity SolarPowerbank: 1.5 Watt Water Resistance, Flash Light, Solar Charging Panel Micro USB : 5V / 2.1A Type C : 5 V / 2.1A Output : 5V / 2A


16000 Mah Solar

Dimensions : 139 x 76 x 20 MM 10000Mah Capacity SolarPowerbank: 1.5 Watt Water Resistance , Flash Light , Solar Charging Panel Micro USB : 5V / 2.1A•Type C : 5 V / 2.1A Output : 5V / 2A


16 Coil Ring

Hard Printed Art Craft Paper Cover Printed Adverts + Logo onto Every Page 100 Sheets / 200 Pages 145 X 220 MM 150 Grams


1500ML Eco Wheat

Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 6.5 cm Weight: 367.8 grams Material: Wheat Comes with a set of cutlery so you do not have to worry about forgetting to bring them with you. There is a handle at the top which allow you to easily hold it and bring it with you wherever you go. Due … 1500ML Eco Wheat Lunch Box Set Read More »


13000mah Jumpstart Powerbank

Dimensions : 166 x 82 x 24 MM Weight: 450 Grams 20000Mah Capacity 3 USB Output Ports , 1 Type C + 1 Micro USB Slot Water Proof, Sun Proof, Scratch Proof Solar Panel Charging, 1.5 W Micro USB : 5V / 2.1A Type C : 5 V / 2.1A


13000 Mah Jumpstart

DESCRIPTION “An Extremely strong Powerbank which comes with multiple different charging function for Cars, mobile devices, laptops, and other devices as well” Weight:410 g Dimension:165 mm * 70 mm * 38 mm Material: ABS Plastic, Silicon Rubber ProductType: Power Banks and Speakers Packaging:Clear Plastic Box / Black Box / Metallic Tin / Pouch Synopsis: There … 13000 Mah Jumpstart Powerbank Read More »


1200mah Pocket Size

Dimensions:7 x 4.2 x 1.6 cm Weight:83.3 grams Material: ABS Suitable for emergency situations. Has a standard USB output. Can be used as a flashlight as well. Small and portable to bring around with you and it is also easy to use


12000mah Slim Book

DESCRIPTION Weight:201 g Dimension:150 mm * 73 mm * 9 mm Material: Matte Metallic Stainless Steel, ABS PlasticProduct Type: Heavy Duty Powerbank Packaging: Clear Plastic Box / Black Box / Metallic Tin / Pouch Synopsis: Slim and sleek power bank that slips conveniently into your back pocket and daily personal bag. It can charge up … 12000mah Slim Book Powerbank Read More »

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