OMG the best corporate gift ever!

OMG the best corporate gift ever!

OMG the best corporate gift ever!

There are so many corporate gifts in the corporate gift industry. People have been receiving it from day-to-day. Different people like different products according to their different cultures, different religion, and different preference. There is some corporate gift that people purchase it quite often and there is some corporate gift that seldom caught people’s eyes. Everything always happens for a reason.  In this blog, we will recommend you 8 of the corporate gift products. We think these 8 products are the best premium corporate gift and why is that so.

1. USB

Why do we say USB is good? Because USB for a corporate gift is a very popular chosen corporate gift as it is suitable for everyone to use. It is so lightweight, it can make people’s life so much easier and it can bring it everywhere you go. We have different kinds of USB For example, OTG USB. This OTG USB you can use it for different purposes. Because it is a USB multi-functional 4 in 1 flash drive that can fit all your devices with 4 ports. It is so compact and portable that you can put inside your pocket. Another example would be this wearable USB. Our most frequently order product is push clip lanyard USB. It is an all in 1 solution because this USB is connected to a lanyard so that you can hang around your neck and you won’t have to worry about losing your USB.

2. Powerbank

Powerbank is an essential item for corporate gifts. Everybody uses powerbank and thanks to technology, there are now different types of powerbank for different uses. For example, our wireless smart powerbank category. It can suit different types of your needs and wants. It is not just a powerbank it is a powerbank that has a suction pad on it. With this powerbank, you can charge and stick it on your table so that you can minimize the number of times your powerbank accidentally drops. It can stick it anywhere like your car, your table, etc. Another example would be mirror glass powerbank. This powerbank is extremely useful for ladies. If you are one of those ladies who have to rush for work and you got no time to apply your make up fear not, with this mirror powerbank, you can apply your make up wherever you go be it on the bus, in the train or in the car.

3. Travel Adaptor

Travel adaptors are the most common corporate gift because it can have great use. We have different types of travel adaptors, for example, portable square dual USB adaptor. It is a travel adaptor that has 2 USB ports it has 4 different international settings. You can charge your device using the USB port and input the power at the same time. Our travel adaptor category is a small travel adaptor. It is indeed the world’s smallest travel adaptor. It is so small that you can put inside your mini bag, your travel bag, your small bag and you are ready to go. It is ideal for traveling as it is so lightweight so you don’t have to worry about the weight. You can make it even special by customizing your travel adaptor with your logo. Travel adaptor is a good option if you want a corporate gift that is long-lasting.

4. Business Cards

Our business cards are one of the premium corporate gifts because it is made of very high-quality material, it is durable and it looks premium. Some of our cardholders are very unique and creative like this leather card holder design. This cardholder is a PU anti-scratch leather. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching your cardholder.  There are different colors for you to choose from as well. If you are looking for something fancy that comes with a set, we have just got the right idea for you. Our leather gift sets come with a pen, a keychain and a cardholder with a premium packaging box as well. All of these are not made of low quality so it will definitely impress your VIP client or your high-end customers.  It will make them have a good impression of you.

5. Drink Wares

Drink Wares is important as a corporate gift because drink wares make our daily life so much easier especially Singapore weather is very humid. It is also an alternative way to remind your customers to drink more water and hydrate themselves so they won’t fall sick easily. One of the drinkware categories I would recommend is an anti-fall suction flask. Do you have one of those days where you accidentally spill your beverage everywhere and you have to waste your time to clean up the mess? Especially if you have an important task to rush on? Worry not, we have the perfect solution for you.   This Anti-fall suction flask is our most customer’s favorites because unlike any other flask, our flask has the design of the bottom section so that it can solve your trouble of pouring liquids everywhere accidentally. If you are searching for unique drink wares ideas, you can take a look at this. I would recommend this temperature indicator thermo flask because this flask has the ability to display the temperature of your beverage inside weather it is cold or hot. It has an anti-slip finishing for a strong and easy grip.

6. Pens

The reason why pens are one of them because even though it is such a simple, normal and most common corporate gift, yet everybody is required to use it every single day. All of these premium pens have different design and feel to it. If you want a pen that is comfortable and ergonomic shape yet affordable, arrow-head premium pen. This pen is paired with superior parker craftsmanship to evoke the brands of rich heritage. This pen has a rollerball tip to delivers an effortlessly smooth, consistent flow of ink onto your paper or your important document. If you want a pen that can have multifunctional use you can consider multifunction pens. It depends on what you want to use it for, for example, for this 4 in 1 light up phone holder pen. It has a stylus pen, LED flashlight, phone holder and a standard ballpoint pen. It has a clip design and it is lightweight for easy clipping in your pocket, book, diary, and shirt.

7. Notebook & Office items

A notebook is a good idea for a corporate gift if you want something that is practical, useful, use on a daily basis. Our notebook here the most popular one is a leather notebook. Don’t think it is just a simple plain normal notebook, you can customize it with your logo. You can even customize it with your company tagline or some meaningful quotes. It is a good alternative way to encourage your customers or your employees and to show your care and appreciation as well. I would recommend this document folder as a good corporate gift because you can customize your logo that’s what makes it special. It is also a reminder for your customers or your employees to keep their desk tidy so there won’t be a missing piece of paper especially if that one piece of paper is very important to them. It makes their life so much convenient as well.

8. Apparels

The last best premium corporate gift is apparel. We have different types of apparels however the most trendy gift now is this bomber jacket. Our bomber jacket can use it for different purposes. You can wear it as outerwear or you can zip all the way up and wear it as a jacket. It is made of soft cozy outer fabric and fully lined material it is also perfect for Singapore weather as well because it is not thick at all. It is suitable for all occasions like casual, homecoming, party. Ideal for daily or office wear. If you are looking for a shirt. We have a few of the quick-dry shirts that all are suitable for gym, sports, workout, running, jogging. It is suitable for casual wear as well. Ideal for people who have some errands to run or people who sweat very easily it is also ideal for Singapore weather.


Among all of these 8 products, if the products are for business people it is always suitable to give them business cards or USB because they will have to use it daily or every single day. If the product is for everybody to use, it is a good idea to give them pens and notebooks.  In my personal opinion, it is always good to ask your corporate gift suppliers for their recommendation first and ask them what they like before placing an order. Because your supplier are more knowledgeable and they can give you a better idea so you don’t have to panic or stress of what product to give to your event/employees / VIP,  you don’t have to worry if you choose the correct gift for them and if they will like the gift.


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