7 in 1 Multi Function Pen

  • The best multifunctional durable pen that comes with a screwdriver in 2 manners, a measuring ruler, a stylus pen
    And a lever gauge.
  • This Engineer Pen made of Durable Metal has 7 functions in 1 Pen:
  • Stylus Pen
  • Anti Slip Writing Pen
  • Cm & Inches Ruler
  • Lever Measure Gauge
  • Cross & Flat Screw Driver
  • They can now measure the small items in 2 different units with inches and CM .
  • With the lever gauge, the user can see if the table or floor is balanced with the bubble in the middle.
  • The stylus pen and writing pen makes it more personalize than ever.
  • Lastly with its hidden screwdriver of flat and Philip, user can place the cap onto the pen area to make it into a portable screwdriver.

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