The 10 Secrets About Gifts Only A Handful Of People Know

The 10 Secrets About Gifts Only A Handful Of People Know

The 10 Secrets About Gifts Only A Handful Of People Know

The trend of giving corporate gifts to business clients, employees, and vendors are at its peak. If you work in the corporate world, you must have either given or received these corporate gifts.

Businesses use these promotional items to show their appreciation towards the recipient. A simple, well-thought corporate gift can help you to show your gratitude and tell them that you value their work. Along with that, giving corporate gifts is the most efficient and affordable way of marketing. The corporate items can help you to build brand visibility, as these items can be given as door gifts for any corporate event.

But, finding the perfect gift can be a very tedious task. Nobody wants to sit and browse through hundreds of websites that sell corporate gifts. There is a vast selection of gifts available online and in the stores. It can be overwhelming to select the gift. If you gave a wrong corporate item, it might end up in the garbage. Instead of building a positive brand image, this will attract negative attention to your business.

Here are 10 secrets about corporate gifts that only a few people know. These methods and tried and tested by all the businesses that have successfully used corporate gifts in their marketing campaign.

Check the gifting policies

To protect the employees and company, many businesses have no gifting policies. You must check these policies to make sure that the recipient can accept the gift.

Not everyone deserves the same gift

You should be open to the fact that one corporate gift item cannot be appropriate for everyone. It depends on the seniority level, hard work, and the span of the relationship. You should always keep these things in your mind while buying the corporate gift.

Practicality is everything

The best corporate gift is something that can be used every day. You don’t want to give any item with little to no practical use. These items might end up getting thrown into the garbage bins. You must invest in items that can be utilized on a regular basis. Every time, the recipient will use the item, it will remind them of your company and brand.

The uniqueness of the item

Buying the most common corporate items like a mug, pens, and calendars are easy. Unfortunately, these items fail to convey your heartfelt thank you. Give something that some no one would ever expect to receive as a corporate gift. This will show that you care enough for the recipient to think out of the box. Items like golf-kit or any other sports kit would be perfect to give as a unique corporate gift.

Determine the recipient’s taste

Before you go and spend your bucks on the corporate gift, give yourself some time to find likes, dislikes, and hobbies of the recipient. I know, it’s a little time consuming but it would be all worth it when the recipient will see your efforts.

Add a personal touch

Make any corporate gift item personalized by adding the name of the recipient. Only add the name, if you are sure that it’s correct. Don’t make the mistake of writing the wrong name on the item as it will ruin the purpose of the gift. You can also add a handwritten note to the gift. This note would be a hundred times better than any thank you email.

Invest in the wrapping

Imagine you bought the perfect gift after spending hours looking for it. But, you wrapped it poorly. Just think about the impression that the poor wrapping would leave on the recipient’s mind.

Think about the delivery

If you are buying the item online, make sure that it is delivered on time. You can get the item delivered to your location to hand-deliver it later. If that’s not possible and you have to send the gift in the mail, you must plan the delivery. You would not want to create inconvenience for the recipient like if the items get delivered and it stays outside on the porch on a rainy day. Nobody wants a wet gift.

Don’t overdo the promotion

Corporate gifts are meant to be used as a promotional item. You don’t have to make it obvious by adding tons of logos on the item. If the item is filled with logos, it could be difficult for the recipient to use it in front of other people. A small logo imprinted or engraved is enough to customize the item.

Check discounted corporate gifts

When you in the midst of thousands of corporate gifts, it can be hard to be mindful of the budget. There are countless suppliers who offer special discounts on corporate gift items. If you are buying the gift for a VIP client, you can avoid discounted items and invest in premium quality corporate gifts. In contrast, if you are buying it for your 100 employees, then you should look for discount offers.


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