Top 10 Customized Corporate Gift USB Searches in Singapore


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  • Personalized USB or Flash Drives with Logo
  • Promotional USB cards along with other items
  • Engraved or Wooden Thumb Drives
  • USB as corporate gift or Crystal USB Drives

Then yes you are at right platform and you have an outstanding shopping choice. We are offering all the customized technological items for our customers with blend of Logo & personalization choice. All the items we are selling are non-compromised regarding quality because merit or quality is our first priority. We believe in quality in affordable amount. What would you choose for the best online and outlet shopping option either quality or cheap rates? What if we offer both with the best quality and affordable price? Yes this is the right platform for you stay tuned and have a look upon all the brands’ quality and choose among them whatever you are interested in.

Custom USB For Photographers:

USB is acronym of Universal Serial Bus and USB is the portable memory device which is literally useful now a day for everyone who is interlinked directly or indirectly with technology. Whenever you interact with your knowing ones in the professional field or friends circle you have to exchange some of the data and for that either you use mobile storage or you need USB which is literally a smart option.

USB for photographer is as necessary as ball pen for a lawyer. When a photographer goes through the field and has to have photo sessions of models or photo shoots of industrial propose he must have alternate storage source so that his soft data is secured in two different devices. Photographer needs more than one USB drivers for sharing his work to his customers for their satisfaction sake.   iwantcustomgift Photographers’ expensive cameras although have internal storage but they do need an external storage option to copy all the photos from their cameras to USB and they could transfer it to their Laptops or Personal Computers for transferring or data exchanging. So Please have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

Wholesale Flash Drive With Logo:

Wholesale flashdrive means If you are a businessman or a shopkeeper you must have to understand the value of the wholesale price. Wholesale price means very less price so that you could have some profit in reselling that brand.

Usually flashdrives are not that expensive but when you talk about brand then they are a bit expensive than local ones from   iwantcustomgiftFlashdrives are common storage devices now a days and these are literally comfort carrying devices. In olden days we had to carry large hard drives which were not that easy to carry from one place to another specifically when you are carrying more than ten hard drives at a time which means you are carrying almost 3kg weigh along with yourself specifically from  iwantcustomgift. So Please have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

Custom USB Drived No Minimum:

Custom USB drives are of standard or custom sizes which means their storage capacity must be of 16 Giga Bytes. In the very beginning of the computer technological era there were floppy disks which had maximum space in Kilo Bytes. Now a days we talk in Gigabytes or Terabytes of usb technology is also introduced by  iwantcustomgift.

Value of space could vary in different professions as if you are a teacher you must take descriptive format files or PDF or MS OFFICE format files to carry in the usb drives and 16gb or 32gb is sufficient for such a person who is living in teaching field.  As far as other professions are concerned usb drives with such capacity of 16gb or 32gb are not valuable for them at all likewise being a photographer who has to carry minimum of the capacity of usb drives in 1Gb to 500Gb. So Please have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

Promotional USB Cards:

When you talk about promotions of your product it means you have to write down your company logo or name upon those devices either usb or usb cards. Those usb cards must contain tags of your brand so that people who are carrying these usb cards could publicity of your product or company.

While making promotional usb cards we must be careful to print company name on promotional cards. Value of usb card drives is very well understood by the users who are familiar with modern technology. Promotional usb cards are also used in promotion of employees of the company or any industry so that they could understand that no struggle goes in vain when we are on right track with right company or industry of usb card drives. Enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you. So Please have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

Flash Drive Promotional Items:

Flash drive could be used as promotional items from iwantcustomgift in different marketing places likewise Computer Colleges, School or academies where students are well aware of modern technology. Industrial zone or Different companies can use flash drives as their promotional items as well to divert or attract people about their products.

Attention must be given when you are using flash drive as promotional item that there must be something which shows our intention of public attention. Promotional events are one of the best way to distribute flash drives to compete our competitors in today’s era from  iwantcustomgift. There could be thousands of items used for promotional propose but technological era is most important to understand its width and domains. That is the reason interconnected or relevant devices are literally beneficial for any company to sell their items. So Please sit back , enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you.

Engraved Thumb Drive Singapore:

Engraved flash drives selection means such a portable device which shape is converted as per costumers or client’s requirements or expectations. Usually women or girls like engraved items very much because they are into fashion and engraved thumb drives give enchanting look.

In Singapore Engraved thumb drives are also demanded by the customers to keep living in their interests or hobbies. Wooden carved thumb drives are also piece of astounding art. Most elegant part of thumb drives is as similar to keys. Engraved items specifically thumb drives are also liked by the children or teen agers as they are into their childhood days and they are in love with art and piece. When they look carved engraved thumb drives they become interested in buying these excitedly from  iwantcustomgift. So Please sit back , enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you. Have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

USB Corporate Gifts:

Usb corporate gifts

These portable storage devices are functional gifts your clients will use every day! Having your contact details on the reverse side will ensure clients won’t lose touch with you. These USB drives, with a sleek aluminum case and elegant engraving, can’t fail to impress.

Distribute USB drives branded with your School/University logo among your students and staff. Hand out drives with the course syllabus and notes preloaded. Enable students to back-up important course work on the move whether in class or at home. Join any seminar to globalize your product and distribute them these usb drives as gifts. USB corporate gifts can be outstanding surprise for your employees as well for encouraging them for work as well as for the products’ publicity by  iwantcustomgift. So Please have a deep look over all the items and compare the price and do the right choice of shopping from our platform.

Wooden Thumb Drive Singapore:

Wooden thumb drive in Singapore is literally famous. With the difference designs of keys, small boxes, wooden rectangle boxes or various variety of wooden thumb drives are here. With a keen focus on the overall design and the power of a first impression, these modern and minimalistic drives will attract the attention of your clients.

Available to you in an array of wood types, can be laser engraved or full-color printed with your logo or message on one or both sides from  iwantcustomgift.  Want to add even more impact in wooden thumb drive? Use the downloadable template to take advantage of our industry-leading, full-bleed printing capabilities so that your design can be printed from edge to edge without needing to be bound by a specific margin requirement. If you have clients in a niche where design is valued, and subtle touches make all the difference, delivering their files on one of these wooden USB flash drives will show them that you understand their style and what it means to them. So Please sit back , enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you.

Personalized Crystal USB:

Personalized crystal usb

Looking for custom crystal usb? New custom usb drive with box or without box would be an amazing gift for your loved ones. Crystal usb shapes or forms give literally satisfying glance. The Crystal USB is a beautiful way to present your photographs. An excellent usb,

It allows your custom artwork to be engraved right on the crystal! With the added white light inside, Crystal Drives softly glow when in use. Choose your cap color to complete this elegant package! There are some companies which allow us to choose our own shapes so that we could feel more satisfactory then already made by the company. Crystal usb gives more enchanting look then other shapes. Crystal gives transparent looks and there are few people who likes water or ice looks in their daily routine items likewise soaps, technological domains. Crystal usb also gives transparent look which satisfy such people a lot specifically when you are shopping from  iwantcustomgift. So Please sit back , enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you.


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