10000 Mah Solar Powerbank


  • A Portable Solar Charger Powerbank which allows you to charge and rescue you with its other multiple smart functions
  • Weight:299 g
  • Dimension:160 mm * 77 mm * 18 mm
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Silicon Rubber
  • Product Type: Power Banks and Speakers
  • Packaging:Clear Plastic Box / Black Box / Metallic Tin / Pouch
  • Synopsis: Designed to deliver power to your electronic devices without any room for failure. Made rugged for the outdoor enthusiasts; it is well protected with a layer of rubberized insulation that makes it dustproof, shockproof and waterproof. It automatically charges itself on the go by converting solar light energy into storage energy. It can also be charged using power sources via a micro USB cable. Logo can be printed on the rear rubberized surface. It is installed with a strong rear LED light.
  • Seminar Gift, Client/ Business Partner Giveaway, Exclusive EventGiveaway/Internal Giveaway (Staff Welfare)
  • Experience :
  • Comes with a compass hangar for traveling, camping, hiking, and back packaging.
  • With its silicone housing, it is protected against water, shock, and dust,
  • Comes with a flashlight and SOS light system
  • You can now recharge the power bank while you are walking with the power bank on the bag with its solar panels.

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