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Top 10 Electronic Gadgets Corporate Gift Custom searches in Singapore


We are a brand seller with best quality and most affordable price. We iwantcustomgift want Singapore to be one of the best countries who would lead in the whole world in technological, modern era.  This dream could be fulfilled tech by promising surety of qualitative technological things rather than running towards the climax. We are offering the best type of mouse either wired or wireless and other options as Chargers with logo and Tech swag gift away is one of the best opportunity for the folk to avail ASAP and all the promotional stuff the best custom gifts of latest technology like MouseWireless or Wired in almost all walks of life from Charger Hubs to USB HUB from iwantcustomgfit such as following

  • Customized Wireless Mouse
  • Customized Wired Mouse
  • Custom Charger Logo
  • Tech Swag Give Away
  • Custom Tech Gifts and Custom Tech Accessories
  • Promotional USB HUB and Lanyard Chargers

Have a look at the shining quality of the Quality of Mouse or Wireless Mouse then check their price tags on iwantcustomgfit aren’t they affordable for anyone who is living in the country of Singapore?

We iwantcustomgift are offering everything customizable with all the wishes come true for the people with awesome choice capability. We have never compromised in quality from last decade nor will we in future at all. With the level of quantity we have been maintaining through time. We iwantcustomgfit are going to be the best quality insurers in the country. Do you really think give away is an ordinary and general option iwantcustomgift is offering for the whole country? No this is an extraordinary offer with generous heart and warm welcoming gestures for our young generation towards technology.

Customized Wireless Mouse:

A mouse that sends signals to the computer without a cord. Bluetooth mice are commonly used with tablets, because most tablets have Bluetooth built in. They can also be used with a computer that has Bluetooth from the factory or via an adapter and works with battery cells. iwantcustomgift

Customized wireless mouse has two benefits, first  we can get rid of all the wires and use the mouse without wire’s tension. Secondly we can use wireless mouse with ten time more distance than wire’s mouse and that makes literally huge difference between cord or wireless mouse and Works well in conjunction with a keyboard for data entry, If the battery wears out in a wireless mouse, it cannot be used until it has been replaced. Iwantcustomgift.

Wireless mouse in today’s technological era is being used abundantly and it is indeed beneficial for the users. For gamers this mouse is an revolutionary step and they like it very much. Wired mouse sometime stuck because of cable’s issues but it never happens in wireless mouse.  So Please sit back , enjoy and read through this interesting insight that we create just for you.

Custom Wired Mouse:

Custom wired mouse are being used since two decades plus duration. There is no country or no city which is not having this computer relevant technological gadgets or devices. In the beginning of computer invention users used to operate or give command to the computers via keyboards only but later on technology makers have invented wired mouse to operate or command the computer.iwantcustomgift

There is no office in this whole world where wired mouse are not being used by the people because this is as necessary as food in modern era.iwantcustomgift No office can be successful without computer and there is no computer without wired or wireless mouse because it is not possible for now a days to give command to the computers without wired mouse.

For gaming purpose today’s young generation using wired mouse to enhance their gaming experiences. As we are aware that industrial zone are also using computers for their accounts and they are abundantly using mouse as well so no area of life remains disconnected with wired mouse but connected at very large scale.

Wireless Charger Logo:

Wireless charger is the latest technology with hundreds of benefits/advantages. Wireless Charging, also known as Inductive Charging, is a convenient and cable-free way to charge your electronic devices. A charger, usually in the form of a puck, a mat or a stand that connects to a power source. A Smartphone, smart watch or other electronic device that is compatible with wireless charging.

This technology has no disadvantages or harms at all. All that we need is to buy a wireless charger from the iwantcustomgift and start using this new technology. While some wireless chargers have a built in battery for when you’re on-the-go, ultimately even those wireless chargers need to plug into a power source, eventually.

The difference is that you don’t need to plug your device into your chargerWireless charges logos are of different types and we can choose any logo we like from iwantcustomgift is providing such a platform for abundantly using by the technology lovers and being under consideration to rest of all the people.

Custom Charging Cables:

Custom charging cables of Mobile phones or any technological gadgets are available at iwantcustomgift and the amount of power your cable can carry is determined by the size of the two power wires inside the coating layer. A standard cable is 28 gauge or 28/24 or sometime vary in different gauges and is capable of charging your gadgets with excellent speed. There are types of charging cables likewise type A, B, C & D. All these types are for different mobile charging pins/hubs.

Charging cable also determines charging speed and charging quality in iwantcustomgift. If the length of the cable is more than extensive it means charging will take more time than normal timings. If the wire has copper inside it than charging will be faster and reliable than other local charging cables. Bigger cables carry more current, and so can transfer more current to our phone in the same amount of time. This means it will charge faster than normal charging cables.

Swag Wireless Charger:

Swag wireless charger compatible mobile devices by simply placing your phone on top. The swag-enabled wireless charger can be customized into various shapes and sizes, and will surely promote your brand and leave a lasting impression.  Plus, the universal standard — the Swag wireless charger from iwantcustomgift — is compatible with all devices. So, wireless charging for iPhones is the same for Androids. You can use the same charging mat for all your devices. … They are also more secure than plugging your device into an unfamiliar swag charging cable

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the standard is identical and is independent of the port at the bottom of your device. … The wireless charger sends out a signal from its coil, which is picked up by the receiver coil in the smartphone from iwantcustomgift.

According to new calculations from iwantcustomgift from Singapore. “Wireless charging is drastically less efficient than charging with a cord, so much so that the widespread adoption of this technology could necessitate the construction of dozens of new power plants around the world”.

Tech Swag Giveaways:

The acronym swag means ‘Stuff We All Get,’ and it usually refers to free promotional or marketing items. Yup, it’s an acronym! It’s often spelled out in lower case letters, no periods, appearing more like a word than an acronym. Woah, hold up a second only this company named iwantcustomgift is giving giveaway at that large scale in the country of Singapore.

There are very rare companies which are doing give away protocols to the people and it is literally a generous step and Swag is just another word for the promotional products that many businesses use to promote their brand. These branded promotional products are usually given to a company’s employees, customers, and potential customers to increase brand recognition and engagement, as well as drive sales and penetrate markets specifically iwantcustomgift.

Iwantcustomgift is giving the best products branded gadgets as giveaway with a logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event. Such products, which are often informally called promo products, swagtechnology, or freebies (count nouns), are used in marketing and sales.

Promotional USB Hub:

Promotional usb hub is a pleasant surprise for the employees or whoever gets it iwantcustomgift. A USB hub is like an extension lead for USB (universal serial bus) devices. It plugs into your computer and lets you connect more devices than your existing USB ports allow. Some USB hubs are powered, others are unpowered. These USB HUB are very beneficial for old fashioned computers or laptops where there are only one or two options of plugging in usb as usb ports.

There are some old fashioned computers or laptops which has only 2 or 3 options of plugging usb and now a day keyboard & mouse is also connected via usb cables. If user wants to add two or more gadgets to utilize his technology he/she came to know that one is unable to plug in because of less usb ports available to their computer or laptop.

As far as promotional usb hub has its domains or purposes then we should know that this is literally a generous step by the company owner of iwantcustomgift to distribute usb hubs to their clients or customers for promotional purposes. Anything which is useful for human being is literally a blessing from whoever it is doing.

Custom Tech Accessories:

All the custom tech accessories available at iwantcustomgfit with outstanding quality. A Standing (or kickstand) case keeps the device standing upright. The collapsible kickstand of some horizontal cases holds the device in a more flat or steep angle, depending on whether it is horizontally placed on a surface clockwise or counter-clockwise. The flat angle allows tapping without pushing the device over, while the steep angle is intended for watching from iwantcustomgift.

Folio cases are a combination of a case and stand, and may include a keyboard (USB for OTG smart phones or Bluetooth keyboard)from iwantcustomgift.

All the design for accessories could be bought  to serve for protection, utilization and personalization. These are the result of the relatively “naked” designs produced by manufacturers such as Apple, where the metal and glass components of the device are exposed and vulnerable to damage. They are distinct from holsters, in allowing use of the device while in the case, but in many instances include a belt clip or other device giving it the functionality of a holster. They are made of  gadgets or material may be calendared or cast, with the latter being more expensive. iwantcustomgift expected to only be used.


Custom Tech Gifts:

When you talk about custom tech gifts in the country of Singapore it means you are talking about iwantcustomgift and congratulations this is one of the best choice you have ever made in your life. Whatever type of gift you want to buy for your loved ones or anyone he/she it could be your employee or colleague. You must visit iwantcustomgift where there is bunches of choice. There are a few companies in this world which are giving tech gifts to their employees and showing how generous they are to their workers regarding technological gifts.

Technology is the only option to live twenty first century. If you are not interacted with technology in this century it means you are living in a stone ages. Anything in this technological era chosen as gift must be tech related and all those tech related gifts are eye-catching and jaw-dropping for the gift takers. We have to understand choice of our loved ones so that we could give them the best tech gifts.

Lanyard Charger:

A lanyard charger is modern example of technology and being used by bunches of the users. The charger plugs into an AC outlet, and a USB cable plugs into the charger. USB ports on computers have an upper limit of 500 milliamps; however, USB chargers that come with cellphones and other devices handle one or more amps. It is used for multiple tasks for the users. All the people who are using lanyard charger enjoying their level best.

Lanyard Chargers are an example of modern technology with humongous response from the users. Charging cables and lanyards are functional and it could be used as giveaways and always satisfactory for the gift takers. Simply press the button on either side of the clip to release the charging cable. The duo connector is compatible with smartphones devices on one side and micro USB devices on the flip side. A power adapter that generates the 5 volts or it could vary for different mobile phones DC standard required by USB.


Iwantcustomgift is very optimized and outstanding platform to purchase technology relevant gadgets with affordability and quality as compare to our contemporaries. Custom gifts or corporate technology whatever it takes to reach the goal depends upon the quality of the product and if you are having an opportunity to buy a product with affordable price it means this is one of the best platforms where you will never forget to visit again and again.

There is nothing which could replace quality and affordability. You have to buy all the products according to your affordability measures as well as not compromising upon the quality. Iwantcustomgift is another name of quality with affordable price. One chance must be given to all the options available for the shopping concerns.

There are contemporaries of our tech company iwantcustomgift and you do have right to compare the price as showing as following and you are the judge to analyze or decide the best. We are trying our best towards improvisation in all technological fields.

What do you think about products? Aren’t we trying our best to prove ourselves as best as we should be in technological era being modern society using such an advanced technology at their home living a simple life with advanced technological gadgets like wireless mouse and other gadgets of the country of Singapore? If you are interested in latest technology in Singapore, I highly recommend you check out this website and outlets at least for once in your life to experience real world of technology.

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