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RPET Creation Products

RPET Work Desk Laptop Stand Bag

$15 - $20

Smart Gen A5 Notebook

$8 - $15

Laptop Utility Bag Stand

$10 - $16

Smart Phone Toolbelt Book

$8 - $15

magnetic Foldable Phone Card Stand

$7 - $10

Magnetic Smart Phone Card Holder

$9- $15

Foldable Magsafe Wireless Card Charger

$11 - $16

Outdoor Phone Bag Card Holder

$10 - $16

Singapore Corporate Gifts

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iwantCUSTOMGIFT tops the chart with its product innovation Excellence award in the corporate gift category competition 

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We create and design its own uniquely innovative products in the consumer industry

Singapore Corporate Gifts
Singapore Corporate Gifts

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With 900+ products selection and a global team, we serve in traditional clients and deliver corporate gifts worldwide

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