Firstly Would you be able to share more on your marketing role in your job ? Do share a bit of yourself and let us know your journey to where the point where you are here today ?

I’m Wani Azahar, Communications & Marketing Manager at Transport Capital – an investment management and financial advisory firm focused on Maritime and Aviation headquartered in Singapore. We have an international network and work as a global team where I’m currently leading the marketing and communications strategies aimed at strengthening our company’s brand awareness, thought leadership as well as social media and industry presence.

What started out as responding to a small ad for a junior staff writer (and lots of great luck with amazing mentors!) have brought me here 12 years later with international experience in content creation, journalism, marketing, and communications.

Have your company ordered corporate gifts for clients and external parties before? If so, what corporate gifts have you produced before and why was the items chosen ?

We do send corporate gifts to our partners, clients and the general network usually to celebrate a holiday such as Lunar New Year and Christmas. They could range from food hampers to handy office supplies.

Does the company believe in producing corporate gifts in engaging with external parties such as clients and partners?

Our network has been built on decades of trusted partnerships. We do believe in sending corporate gifts to show our appreciation for their support. Adding to that, we’ve started to look for more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to complement traditional gift-giving as part of our ESG strategy.

How do (would) you plan your process and timeline when you are tasked or e-planning to order corporate gifts for your company?

What is your perfect ideal corporate gift in terms of functionality, aesthetics and practicality for the company or for your clients? Would you be able to give some examples that you have seen or come across?

I don’t think there is one single ideal gift as it depends on the receiver. It’s important to take the time to understand their business and preferences so that the gifts add value, rather than “just another token”.

For example, we recently designed and created an e-calendar consisting of public holidays in different locations of where our offices are. Most calendars would usually include only one to two countries or not at all, but we knew it’ll be more valuable for our network to have these specific countries to refer to easily when they use the e-calendar. (eg. a client in China would easily know if our partners or office in Germany would be operating on that day). Not only that, but an e also-calendar ticked the boxes on sustainability and gives liberty to the user on how best they’d want to utilise it (ie. online/print it out/share).

Lastly we thank you for taking time in our E-interview and sharing your perspectives. Is there any advice that you want to share for other ?

Times are changing, so should the way you connect with your audience.

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