2 in 1 Thermal Coffee Warmer Set

  • Product size: 13*10*2cm
  • Product Material: ABS
  • USB Wire
  • Compatible with most tumblers, metal, enamel, ceramic, glass, milk cartons, heat resistant cups and more
  • The Coffee Mug Warmer keeps the temperature constant throughout the day so you can enjoy perfect flavor every time. Enjoy hot coffee, tea, beverages, and more anytime.
  • A must-have accessory for coffee lovers who crave the perfect cup of coffee every time! This premium set is designed to elevate your coffee experience, keeping your beverages at the optimal temperature while adding a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.
  • Thermal Coffee Warmer: Our thermal coffee warmer is a sleek and stylish device that ensures your coffee stays hot for hours on end. Built with cutting-edge thermal technology, it maintains the ideal temperature for your favorite brew, whether it’s freshly brewed coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any other hot beverage. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and welcome the pleasure of sipping your coffee at just the right temperature, from the first sip to the last.
  • Premium Coffee Mug: To complement the thermal coffee warmer, we’ve included a premium coffee mug that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this double-walled mug not only keeps your drinks piping hot but also prevents external condensation, ensuring a comfortable grip and a spotless surface. With its generous capacity, you can confidently carry your favorite brew on the go, be it during your daily commute or on outdoor adventures.

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