CLIPBOARD Laptop Utility Belt

Size: 31.5x23cm (13 inch diagonal) [Designed for 13”-16” laptops]
50% RCS Certified Recycled Polyester. (Made of 1.5 recycled PET bottles)
Clipboard, the laptop utility belt, is the perfect gadget for modern nomads.
This utility belt straps to your laptop, much like an elastic bookmark, and allows you to tuck your belongings (Phone, notebook, pen, pencil, mouse etc.) into its many pockets.
Clipboard even has an integrated foldable laptop stand to create an ergonomic workspace anywhere!
SMART FOLD DESIGN: Stylish and practical design. Unfold the Clipboard to transform into a laptop stand.
INTEGRATED LAPTOP STAND: Creates a comfortable viewing angle and maximum airflow to keep your laptop cooled.
DESK ORGANIZER: Keep all your accessories in place and ready to use. Perfect for travelling.
GRIPPY SILICONE BAND: For quick & practical attachment to your laptop.

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