Organizer Travel Toiletries Bag

  • Bag in Bag is a concept Secondary bags in the main Bag, with lots of storage, will make your bag contents neatly arranged.
  • This Dual Bag in Bag material is very thick and very smooth and comes with a protective foam that will keep your luggage safe against impact.
  • The latest bag in a bag that serves to store your favourite gadget in 1 bag. Has a lot of pockets, each of which has its own functions:
  • The main bag there are 3 bags with 2 relapsing bags
  • 4 bags on both sides of the bag to store your favourite gadgets like Galaxy Note, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod etc.
  • 4 pockets on both sides of the bag to store Cosmetics, Stationery, etc. as you see fit
  • Size: 28 x 16 x 9cm
  • Material: Nylon, Cotton

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