Wrist Support Silicone Base

  • ✔【Soft Gel Filling】The high elastic gel-filled cushion and ergonomic structure conform to your wrist for maximum comfort and support, reduce the pressure on the wrist and friction between the wrist and desk, helps treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • ✔【Ergonomic Design】Revolutionary wave design of mouse wrist pad permits natural hand and wrist movement. Keep your wrist in a lower-middle position of the wrist pad for comfortable touch and support when using.
  • ✔【Grips Desktop Firmly】Remove the plastic from the bottom of the wrist pad, then gently press the wrist pad and get it absorbed on the desktop surface, the PU base will grip the desktop firmly to prevent sliding or unwanted movement.
  • ✔【Comfortable Surface】No cloth wrapping design, allows your wrist to stretch and move freely, the longer you use it, the more comfortable and delicate fits your wrist will be. And it is small size(4.3×2.7inch).
  • This heart-shaped, beautiful, and practical wrist support pad refers to the design of the wrist curve. It is a wonderful companion for computer users, also can be used as a decompression toy, knead it, for soothes palm muscles.

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