Singapore Innovative Award Winning Corporate Gift Supplier

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Innovation Award
Winning Supplier

Singapore Corporate Gifts

iwantCUSTOMGIFT tops the charts with its Product Innovation Excellence Award in the corporate Gifts category competition 

In House
Product Creations

Singapore Corporate Gifts

We  creates and design its own uniquely innovative products in the consumer industry

Created Locally
Serve Globally

Singapore Corporate Gifts

With 900+ Products selection and a global team, we server international clients and deliver corporate gifts worldwide 

4 Things that you need to know ah !

things that you need to know for your planning


Packed Locally
Shipped Globally


In House Design and Created Products


We Store, Sort and Deliver the items for you

Gift Ideas

900+ Interesting Corporate Gifts

Clients Who Trusted us Leh

we serve clients with a heart when they look for us with a heart

We Bring your Ideas and Exclusive content For your Corporate Gifting

1 Corporate Gift , 1 Video , 1 Minute


We Bring you 1 new corporate gift idea in 1 minute every single day

 base on the market trends and consumer behaviours . 

Corporate Gifts VIP Talkshow

We invite VIP, subject matter experts and established suppliers to our

 talkshow to answer the commonly asked questions as well as to

 talk about the trending problems that we are facing 

Tips to find the Right Corporate Gift

iwantCUSTOMGIFT gives you the technique and tips that you need

when sourcing and looking for your corporate gift 

gift ideas base on market feedback

We study the market trends and consumer behaviour  and give you a 

video with suitable product recommendations for you. 

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