3 must have corporate gadgets for 2021

3 must have corporate gadgets for 2021

3 must have corporate gadgets for 2021

With 2020 ending in less than 3 days, let us go down memory lane of what happened this year shall we? The start of 2020 was just like any other year and we thought all will be the same, we would continue to go to work or school and continue this cycle till the new year came again.

However, what we thought was wrong. Going all the way back to December 2019 we just heard news talking about a virus which everyone named the “Wuhan Virus” and thought nothing of it as we believed we, Singapore won’t be affected by what is happening in China. But oh dear were we wrong, slowly the number of cases started to increase in China and it continued to spread till one day it finally reached our shore.

The first-ever case that was recorded for Singapore was on January 23 2020, this was the start of a pandemic we were all not ready for. By March there were a total of 243 confirmed cases of this virus we named “Wuhan” and it is also when we realized just how serious this matter was, and have finally given this virus its rightful name being COVID-19.

As the threats of COVID-19 continued to spread, so did the restrictions imposed by the government. One example is the infamous circuit breaker, where everyone was panic buying resulting in low stocks of daily necessities and of course the lack of mask and hand sanitizers are not to be forgotten.

The circuit breaker lasted for nearly 2 months as it started on April 7 which lasted all the way till June 1. Everyone started to work from home and students are starting their home base learning lessons via Zoom.

With all these changes becoming our new normal, how would we be able to cope and continue when everything resumes in 2021? Well, fret not, cause Iwantcustomgift is here to help!

We will be sharing with you 3 gadgets that are a must-have in 2021 to help with our new norm.


iZap Power Bank

The first item on our list is the iZap power bank where you are able to charge 5 devices simultaneously! You are able to charge your Apple, Android, type C devices, along with being able to use the wireless charging function and of course charging with your own cable.

With our 10000 mAh power bank, you would be able to charge your devices to its full capacity 2-3 times with no fear. To top it off, our iZap power bank has a special function where you can charge your devices without having to worry about needing to click a button to start its charging cycle. It will automatically charge the moment you plug in the wire or place it on top of our wireless charger. And it will also stop charging once your device has reached 100%.

The material used for our power bank is called polycarbonate where there are 3 cool reasons why we chose this material. Number 1, anti-scratch, number 2, anti-fingerprints, and number 3 the material will not turn sticky over time as many other products do.

The power bank is also designed in a way that it will be the perfect size to be placed under any phone so that users will be able to continue to enjoy using their phones while charging it. One other feature that is great about our power bank is that there are 2 ways of charging it. The first way is by using a type C cable to charge it and the second way is by using its very own built-in USB cable to charge it. You can just easily plug the cable into any adapter and it will start charging your power bank! This is why we called the iZap power bank the all in one charging tool and of course with having so many functions and having 10000 mAh you might think it would be heavy but you’re wrong, our iZap power bank is one of the lightest 10000 mAh power bank in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself and your loved ones an iZap power bank now to allow you to continue watching your favorite shows while on the go and especially helping you to keep your phone alive while having the continuously check in with your trace together app when you are out and about.


iSmart world smallest speaker

The second must-have item is our iSmart speaker, it is the world’s smallest speaker where it’s light, compatible, and easy to carry around with no hassle at all. It is also very easy to use, there is only 1 button on the speaker which is located at the bottom and you just need to hold on to it and it will turn on and it’s ready to pair with your phone, laptop or iPad. It also comes along with its own mini pouch and charging wire.

However, if there aren’t any devices paired with the speaker after 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off to conserve its battery. One extremely cool thing about our speaker is that it’s not just the world’s smallest speaker but the world’s smallest microphone as well! Yes, you read it correctly, you can use our speaker as a microphone for all your zoom meetings and conferences with your team members, this way they will be able to hear you clearly and so will you.

As for the usage time of the speakers, it can last for about 2-3 hours and it will only take an hour to fully charge and then you’ll be on your way to enjoy a seamless and good sound quality conference meeting.


Card cable kit

Last but not least, the third must-have item would be the card cable kit. This item will be a game-changer to many, with its many different functions and usage people will definitely love how it’ll help them on a day to day basis.

The card cable kit is so many things in one, it is a phone stand, a power bank with 800 mAh, a flashlight, a SD card reader and many more. Let’s first start with what is inside our card cable kit, there are a lot of things inside this small kit. There is a micro USB head, a lightning cable head, a USB A head, and a 2-way type C cable which can easily be connected to all the other cable heads stated before.

With all these cable heads and the type C 2-way cable, any device can be easily charged with no problem. Along with being able to store all those cable heads, the card cable kit can also help to store your micro SD card and nano-SIM cards this way you would not have to worry about losing them when you need them. Along with being able to store your SIM cards, the kit also provides a pin key tool which will help you to easily switch your SIM card from one device to another.

One last function that is so cool about this gadget is that you are able to read your SD card files by inserting it into the kit and plugging it into either your phone or computer. This function is just so handy especially when you’re out but would need to edit and go through the necessary files for work or school. With a gadget like this, you can bring it anywhere with no problem at all, it is small, compatible, and most definitely light. With all these functions being packed into one little gadget, once traveling resumes this item would be your go-to item for all your needs.

So, with 2021 right in front of us let us all continue to work hard for a better tomorrow and hope this pandemic will be over soon. We hope by introducing these 3 gadgets, they will be able to help make your life a lot easier and allow you to get used to the new norm which everyone is trying to adjust to. To end this off, the team from iwantCustomGift wishes you a happy new year and may you prosper in 2021.


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