Corporate Gift Shop 2

Corporate Gift Shop II

In this episode , we will talk about whether you are able to enjoy hot or cold drinks in your flask bottle ? Or otherwise are you afraid whether your drinks or water will get spilled in your bag? Introducing our ALuminium Thermal Flask Bottle . With this , you can bring our hot or cold water in a water bottle and slide in at the side of the bag. Light, sleek and Portable. The best of all , It is thermal.

In this episode Daniel talks about what you need to work efficiently at home This is " Eco friendly Writing Book with Post it Pad set " It contains 1 Post it Pad , 1 Writing Book , 5 Colour Strips and a Sticker on mini Post it pad all wrapped into a book for you.

We know how troublesome it is to sterilize and clear the room, toilet or car after use especially after someone has use it during this period . Introducing Matoal UVC Air Purifier Matoal UVC Air Purifier is portable , rechargeable and can sterilize your room up to 10 Sqm within minutes. You can use it to clear your room after meetings , sterilize your toilet or cabinet and even disinfect your car after your passenger depart the car.

Are you afraid when someone visit your house and you have to clean or sterilize the room or house ? We got the Solution Introducing “Nano Steel UVC Germicidal Lamp “ Sterilize and Disinfect your house of up to 40 Sqm and Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria The Power is 38 Watts and able to power up to 40 Sqm, You can also control the Timer with auto shutdown up to 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.

How do you distress at yourself while you are WFH? Introducing our aromatherapy humidifier diffuser that can allow you to distress, relax and stay focus at home in order to complete all your work!

Introducing Portable Storage Bag This Portable Organizer Storage bag allows you to place your items neatly and smartly in a small bag so you can retrieved and pack them to increase your efficiency You can place your 1. Phone 2. Batteries 3. Cable 4. Keys 5. Wallet 6. Mask 7. Tissues 8. Coins

In this episode , we will talk about whether we are going to takeaway our food given the new rising COVID case. Daniel introduce his thermal lunch box which is durable , portable and reusable. You can now enjoy your food anytime and anywhere . The best of all , It is thermal and durable

Do you know that your lanyard can be used as a charging cable for all phones Apple Lightning Micro USB Type C Connector This Lanyard Charging cable can charge and synchronous your phone to your computer.

The 1st Charging Cable that can sterilize and charge your phone at the same time. This UVC uses Nylon Kevlar with aluminum metal for a durable charging experience . It has 2 UVC LED which allows you to sterilize your phone, mask and small items instantly and directly within minutes. It is packed in a nice gift pack where you can put a Sanitizer Spray Pen and slide your Name card in for your Clients as well. Small, Portable, Useful and Unique

Is your Mask reusable and safe to wear ? Introducing Our 3 Ply Anti Bacteria Mask that can allow you to wear 50X whilst ensuring the 99& Anti Bacteria Capabilties .

Its not easy to bring a big sanitizer bottle or even to find a sanitizing point to wash your hands . Therefore we have this “ 30ML Hand Sanitizer “ It comes with a holder onto your bag and it is refillable as well. Brand your LOGO on it and its going to be a useful handy and practical gift for them to use

Are you afraid of external sounds creeping behind you , cars nearby you or someone knocking on your door when you are not aware Introducing the Bone Conductor wireless Earphones With this, you can enjoy your favourite music or even work whilst becoming aware of the sounds and noise around you. Pair Wirelessly Bluetooth with your phone or laptop and you are good to go and safe to use.

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