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4 in 1 Phone Stand Neon Strips with Desktop Calendar . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#51 Do you feel the traditional calendar is too big ? Or Do you need those big bulky phone holders while working from home Or Is your Work Desk full of clutter and has limited space ? Don’t worry, we have the solution Introducing our “ 4 in 1 Phone Stand Neon strips Desktop Calendar “ This 4 in 1 Phone Stand Calendar can does multiple task Firstly you can use it as a phone holder while working from home or office Secondly you can use it to write important notes with its neon strips Thirdly you can refer to the back for important dates as a desktop calendar This gift is suitable for everyone working from home, office or anywhere they need and want ! Functions and Features 1 ) Phone Holder 2 ) Neon Strips 3 ) Calendar 4 ) Branding Suitable for 1) Customer Mailers 2) Clients kit 3) Press Kit

Wireless Charger Powerbank with a International 150 Countries Wall Plug . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#53 What if I tell you I have a Powerbank that can wireless charge and also be used as a international adaptor plug Introducing our “ 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Powerbank Adaptor “ You can use it to charge your phones as a powerbank with its 2 USB Fast Charging ports On top of it , you can use it as a wireless charger Even Better , you can also use its Type C Port for Charging and powering your laptop Lastly you can use it as a International Wall Plug Adaptor with its 4 configurations and 150 countries. Functions and Features 1 ) Powerbank 2 ) Wireless Charger 3 ) Wall Plug 4 ) Type C Charger Special Features 1) Safety Plug 2) Fast Charging

Bone Conductor Wireless Earphones With Adjustable Microphone. Singapore Corporate Gifts show#55 DO you have problems talking on the phone whilst wearing a mask ? Or Are you able hear external sounds when using your earphones during zoom calls or going for a jog outdoors ? Introducing our “ Bone Conductor Wireless Earphones With Adjustable Microphone “ You can now pair with your Smartphones and Laptop to make phone calls and enjoy your music This Wireless Bone Conductor Headphones allow you to enjoy music whilst hearing external ambience music which allows you to be aware of external happenings You can now enjoy music or make phone calls whilst becoming aware of the surroundings and external happenings. Features 1 ) Rechargeable 2 ) Wireless BT 5.0 3 ) IPX5 4 ) Volume Control 5 ) Touch Sensor Control Buttons 1 Product 1 Video 1 Minute EVERYDAY

Are you afraid when someone visit your house and you have to clean or sterilize the room or house ? We got the Solution Introducing “Nano Steel UVC Germicidal Lamp “ Sterilize and Disinfect your house of up to 40 Sqm and Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria The Power is 38 Watts and able to power up to 40 Sqm, You can also control the Timer with auto shutdown up to 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.

Are you afraid when someone visit your house and you have to clean or sterilize the room or house ? We got the Solution Introducing “Nano Steel UVC Germicidal Lamp “ Sterilize and Disinfect your house of up to 40 Sqm and Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria The Power is 38 Watts and able to power up to 40 Sqm, You can also control the Timer with auto shutdown up to 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.

Smart TWS Earbuds , Keep yourself Cool and Charge your phone with this product . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#60 How about a product that you can use as a earbuds to listen , a portable fan to keep yourself cool and a powerbank to keep your phone charged ? Introducing our “ 3 in 1 Earbuds Powerbank fan “ This 3 in 1 Product has all the features that you need when you are out and about With its powerbank features, you can charge and give you phone a boast on its battery On top of it , you can uncover the TWS Earbuds to listen to music on the go . Lastly its portable fan blades allow you to keep yourself cool when you are out.

Are you worried that your wallet card details got stolen or Are you worried that your wallet is too small to hold all the stuff you need? Introducing Our “ Tri Fold RFID Wallet “ With this RFID Wallet , you can now hold you credit cards safely in the metallic compartment in the middle.m You can pull the lever and the cards will be displayed in a cascading manner On top of it , you can put your coins on the outside and cards money in the inside Made with durable leather and safety aluminium , this tri fold rfid card wallet is safe and portable to use on the go. Features 1) Zip Pocket 2) RFID Section 3) Internal Notekeeper 4) 2 Card Keeper Pocket

Are you afraid or scarring your table top or damaging it with hots stoves and hot coffee? Or Are you afraid of hot stoves handle lids when transferring food ? Don’t worry , we have the solution . Introducing our “ Flexi Silicone Heat Mat “ This Flexi Durable Silicone Heat Mat is honeycomb and washable as well which allows you to put hot items on the top and yet wash it seamlessly as well With its flexible silicone , you can use it as a handle to touch hot items when transferring stoves or pots ? The best part of it is that you can use it as a coaster or bottle/can opener as well Features 1 ) Cup Coaster 2 ) Frying Pan Holder 3 ) Tin opener 4 ) Washable and Flexible

Give yourself a good Massage without bothering anyone at all. Its Automatic And convenient . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#67 Do you want to give yourself a massage without spending a bomb and yet not bothering anyone ? Or Are you looking for a massager that is portable can be used to massage the different parts of the body ? Introducing our “ Tri Head Back Massager “ This Tri Head back massager has kneading roller heads which moves in a speed that you adjusted for your comfort of massage. You can even treat yourself with a warmth treatment with its thermal warm heat option to have a warm massage as well It has a cover which allows you to change and even a back strap for you to strap to your chair It can be conform to give your back a massager , your neck a massager or even your foot a massager ? Its comfortable and therapeutic. What are you waiting for ? Its Special Features Moving Kneading Heads Thermal Warm Massager Used for 1) Foot Massage 2) Back Massage 3) Neck Massage 4) Wrist Massage 5 ) Arm Massage

Take your food away with this Collapsible Silicone Food Grade Lunch box . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#52 Do you feel your lunch box is too big and obstructive Or Is your current lunch box too heavy and not use friendly ? Introducing our “ 3 Zone Collapsible Lunch Box “ You can expand and shrink your lunch box with this collapsible lunch box With its food grade material , you can wash it, microwave it and even store it inside your cabinets easily Functions and Features 1 ) Food Grade 2 ) Microwavable 3 ) Washable and Storage 4 ) Cutlery Set 5 ) Collapsible Suitable for 1) Lunch on the Go 2) Food Takeaways 3) Eco Friendly 4) Space Conscious Person

Transfer Your Files to your Phone and Computer with OTG USB.Singapore Corporate Gifts show#54 DO you have problems transferring big files or videos to your phone and computer ? Introducing our “ 4 in 1 Mobile OTG USB “ You can now transfer or sync. Files on the computer or your phones with this 4 in 1 Mobile On the Go USB With its aluminium alloy material and 4 output ports, you can plug and play your USB onto all phones and computer. Small , Compact, Durable and Functional . Functions 1 ) Type C Port 2 ) Micro USB 3 ) Apple Lightning 4 ) USB A Features 1 ) Aluminium alloy Material 2 ) Casing Housing 3 ) Keychain Loop

Protect yourself outdoors with this J Hook 27 Inch Umbrella. Singapore Corporate Gifts Video #56 Are you worried if your umbrella is weak or filmsy ? Introducing our “ J Hook 27 Inch Automatic Umbrella “ This 27 Inch J Hook Automatic Umbrella has 8 Panels of UV Panels It has a automatic button which allows you to open it seamlessly With its strong sturdy structure , you don’t need to worry about heavy rain and strong wind.

Thermal Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug. Singapore Corproate Gifts Show #58 Is your Coffee Mug fragile or filmsy ? Or Does your Coffee or drinks always leak and turn cold after a short while ? Don’t worry , Introducing our “ Toma ALuminium Flask “ Toma comes in 380 ML and 510 ML and is made from aluminium flask with is double wall stainless steel food grade IT has a firm anti slip base with a double wall stainless steel. On top of it , it has a leak proof design and cover to ensure the water inside stays well protected Durable , Portable and Economical

7 in 1 James bond Multifunctional Smart Pen . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#60 Have you seen a pen that can do multiple task or features ? Or How about a pen that is seen and perceived as a james bond 007 pen ? Introducing our “ 7 in 1 Multifunctional Pen “ This durable stainless steel pen can be used on the go and is extremely durable because of its hard aluminium housing case. You can use the normal writing pen with a twist of tip as a gel point pen . Apart from that, you can also use the pen as a ruler to measure your items as an inch or cm ruler The best of it is that you can convert the back of the pen into a screwdriver by opening the cap of the pen. On top of it, you can use the stylus part to shop on your phone or catch your Pokémon’s on the go. Lastly it can has a lever gauge for you to check your new tables or furniture’s as well. Features 1 ) Flathead Screwdriver 2 ) Cross Screwdriver 3 ) Ruler 4 ) Lever Gauge 5 ) Stylus Pen 6 ) Writing Pen 7 ) Pen Clip

Mini Microfibre Cloth in a Pouch that does wonders for your phone . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#62 How about a cloth that can clean your phone screen and lens ? Introducing our “ Mini Cloth In Pouch “ This Mini Microfibre Cloth in pouch is a extremely handy and portable gift that you can give out as a massive outreach to your clients You can print your image and logo on the cloth and pouch . This cloth allows them to clean their phone screen and even their phone camera lense as well. On top of it , they can even clean their laptop or desktop screens when they work for long hours with the dust going around It’s a practical yet functional gift to use.

Do you have neck pains or sprains when working for long hours Or Are you looking for a neck pillow that can rest your neck and head while working from home and office ? Introducing our “ Memory Foam U Shape Neck Pillow “ This Memory Foam neck pillow can be used as a neck support pillow and a head rest on the desktop. This Ergonomic Neck Pillow has memory foam has a comfy cushion sponge that can cushion and let your neck rest and recharge . It even has a side pocket for you to slot your phones and a removable cover for those whom want to wash and reuse it. Features 1 ) Side Phone Pocket 2 ) Memory Foam 3 ) Clip on Neck String 4 ) Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow

Do you feel your air is very stale and humid ? Or Are you afraid of entering the room used by another person ? Introducing our “ Ozone Multi Tier Air Purifier “ This air purifier can release anions and ozones which pushes the negative ions to the floor which inresults cleanse the air in the house You can use it to remove odors and refresh the air in the house There are 4 different speed depending on where you want to use it 4 Different Gear Speed P1 – Covers to 5 Sqm ( Toilets / Cabinets ) P2 – Covers to 10 Sqm ( Bedrooms ) P3 – Covers to 20 Sqm ( Master Bedroom / Rooms ) P4 – Covers to 30 Sqm ( Living Rooms , Meeting Rooms )

Groom yourself and take care of yourself with this pedicure and manicure set . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#68 Do you have troubles ? Or How about I introduce a manicure and pedicure gift set which allows you to take care of your nails ? Introducing our “ 9 Pieces Manicure Set “ This 9 pieces manicure set has everything that you need to takecare of yourself at home especially when trimming your nails . Everything is kept nicely and segregated nicely in the pocket pouch . • Material: Tools are made of stainless steel, case is made of faux leather Nail Tools. • Colour: Sliver • Product net weight: 173 g • Package Weight: 184 g • Case Size (L x W): Approx. 4.1 x 3.1 inch / 10.4 x 7.9 cm (fold) • Great for keeping your nails and cuticles looking perfect Beautifully packaged in an attractive case, with easy zipper closure, convenient to use and carry. • Packeting Content: • 1 x large nail clipper • 1 x medium nail clipper • 1 x scissor • 1 x cuticle pusher • 1 x acne needle • 1 x tweezer • 1 x earpick • 1 x double side nail file • 1 x cuticle clipper • 1 x Leather manicure kit

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