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What if I tell you that this wireless powerbank can do wonders and charge in every single way that you need? Introducing our “ IZAP Wireless 10000mah Powerbank “ This IZAP Wireless 10000mah Powerbank has 4 in built cables that can charge your Micro USB , Apple Lightning and Type C devices. On top of that, it can even recharge itself with its In Built USB Cable by charging directly to the mains With its wireless charging ability on the top , USB Port for your own plug in cables, this Powerbank can supercharge your devices anytime and anywhere you need IZAP Wireless Powerbank can charge 3 to 4 times of your phones when you are out and about.

Does your earbuds show the battery capacity left so you know when to charge ? Or Do you need to bring an extra powerbank to charge your phones with you go out ? Introducing our Futura Wireless Earbuds with Powerbank This Futura Wireless Earbuds is able to pair with your phones and enjoy music via Bluetooth. On top of that , Futura wireless earbuds is able to be used as a portable powerbank as well.

Are you frustrated of carrying and tilting your phone in a way so you can eat and view your phone at the same time ? Or Are you sick and tired of those big bulky phone stands that takes up a lot of big space on your table ? Don’t worry about it! Introducing our “ Foldable Aluminium Phone Table Stand “ This aluminium phone stand can hold your phone in a portrait or landscape manner which let your hands go handsfree Made from aluminium alloy and an anti slip base, this stand holds your phone firms without slipping with its anti slip silicone grip You can fold it and tilt the angle to adjust to the angle that you want your phone to be . This is a great corporate gift where you can use it anytime and anywhere you are .

Customize your PR Press Kit , Product launches and Marketing Collaterals with this Video Brochure . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#45 We have a gift idea where you can bring your event nearer and closer to your customers and guests. This is the New Normal where the customer can interact with your corporate gift Introducing our “ Video Brochure “ Press Kit for Media and Influencers Marketing Collaterals for Customers - New Product Launches Direct Mailers as EDM for Prospects You can customize and print your LOGO or message on the video brochures Functions and Features 1 ) Buttons Control for Previous and Next Track 2 ) Volume Control Buttons 3 ) Rechargeable 4 ) Fully Customized and Printed 1 Product 1 Video 1 Minute EVERYDAY

Take your food away with this Reusable Microwavable Eco Wheat Lunch Box . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#47 Is your Lunch Box Microwavable , Reusable and Portable ? Introducing our “ Eco Wheat Reusable Microwavable 700ML Lunch Box “ This Eco Wheat 700ML Buck Wheat Reusable Lunch Box has 3 internal dividers sections with cutleries for you to eat on the go . With its hidden handheld handles and carrier handle , you can take your food awat conveniently This Eco Buckwheat is washable and durable as well as microwavable. Functions and Features 1 ) 3 Different Sections 2 ) Portable Handle 3 ) Microwavable 4 ) Cutleries 5 ) Washable and Reusable

Make yourself Smarter with this 4 in 1 Laser Torch Stylus Pen. Singapore Corporate Gifts show#49 Is your pen able to do a wide array of functions from torch , laser and stylus pen ? Or how about a James bond Pen ? Introducing our “ 4 in 1 Laser Pointer Stylus Pen “ This 4 in 1 Pen has a red laser pointer which allows you to point to different items On top of it , this 4 in 1 Pen has a White LED Torchlight which can be used at night and to brighten up area. Apart from that , this 4 in 1 pen has a stylus pen which can be used on your phones and IPAD ? Lastly this 4 in 1 Pen uses gel pointer pen which doesn’t use water base ink so that the ink doesn’t smudge and leak . This is the future James bond Pen which you can use anytime and anywhere you are ! Functions and Features 1 ) Red Laser Pointer Pen 2 ) LED Torch Light 3 ) Stylus Pen 4 ) Gel Pointer Pen

These A5 Leather Notebooks allow you to write on the go with your company logo branded on it. Strong on the outside , Smart in the inside. They will see your branding and LOGO each time they use your brand and write on it. Introducing our “ A5 Leather Custom Notebook “ You can customize the Leather Colours , debossed your LOGO on the covers and even print your Advert with LOGOS on the internal pages. This A5 Leather Notebook is hard and sturdy for you to bring around on the go . You can work from home , office or anywhere and use this A5 Leather notebook on the go. With this gift, they will always remember your LOGO whenever they write their notes on the book ?

How about a Corporate Gift that brings a smile and yet organize their stationaries nicely on the table ? On top of that, they can even interact and organize their items nicely with this corporate gift Introducing our “ Rubiks Pen Stationary Holder “ Rubiks Stationary Holder allows you to print and brand your logo or message on the item. The user can use the different messages and related with it because they can rotate and interact with this corporate gift The best of this corporate gift is that it sorts their stationaries nicely and neatly on the table

Are you frustrated of carrying and tilting your phone in a way so you can eat and view your phone at the same time ? Or How about a small device that can protect your skin , recharge your phones , give you fresh air and recharge your phone with its 2000mah Powerbank ! Introducing our “ Nano Mist Facial Spray humidifier with Powerbank “ You can hydrate your skin with this nano mist You can use it as a humidifier for good and fresher air You can use it as a powerbank with its 2000 mah powerbank You can use it as a spray to sanitizer and disinfect your panels and tables That’s All ! This product is small , portable and multifunctional !

Make Phone Stand in a Portrait or landscape way with this Snap on Card Holder . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#46 Are you able to make your phone stand whilst slotting your card on your phone Case? Or how about a minimalistic card holder that you can snap on behind your phone Introducing our “ Snap on Phone Stand with Card Holder “ This Snap on Leather Phone Stand with Card Holder does multiple functions It can let your phone stand in a portrait or landscape way so you can use phone or view videos in a new way On top of it , its thin card holder allows you to wireless charge though as well with its minimalistic design Its internal pocket slots in 1 to 3 cards and close it the moment you flip it Thin , Functional and Practical. Everything that you need to do on the go is on this card holder. Functions and Features 1 ) Potrait Phone Stand 2 ) Landscape Phone Stand 3 ) Card Holder 4 ) 1 Hand Phone Grip Stand

Protect yourself Outdoors with this refillable sanitizer and disinfectant spray . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#48 Are you afraid of pressing the lift buttons or touching the tables outdoor ? Or Do you want to disinfect your hand the fastest and easiest way Introducing our “ Refillable Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray Pen“ This disinfectant spray pen can be a portable disinfectant and sanitizer spray which you can bring it on the go It is portable and pen size which allows you to bring it on the go The best of it is that it is refillable for you to put your own favourite disinfectant solution. Functions and Features 1 ) Disinfectant Spray Pen 2 ) Sanitizer Spray 3 ) Refillable 4 ) Portable Pen Size

Be Space Efficient and Drink your Favourite coffee on the go with collapsible mug . Singapore Corporate Gifts show#50 Do you feel that your coffee mug breaks too easily or is too bulky ? Or How about a coffee mug that cannot take hot drinks ? Introducing our “ Collapsible Mug “ This Coffee Mug allows you to bring your mug on the go with its carabiner and its leak air tight proof design With its collapsible design , washable food grade silicone and sleek design , this collapsible is the mug to bring on the go. Functions and Features 1 ) BPA Free 2 ) Leak Proof 3 ) Carabiner Hook 4 ) Washable 5 ) Mid Body Sleeve 6 ) Collapsible

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