5 Corporate gifts that you can get for your Clients ahead for the New Year

5 Corporate gifts that you can get for your Clients ahead for the New Year

5 Corporate gifts that you can get for your Clients ahead for the New Year

It is the start of a new year and a new start so what better way to start 2021 other then looking forward to the Chinese New Year celebration? I know many of us may not be celebrating it this year due to the pandemic we have faced the previous year however, this will not stop us from giving and receiving our annual red packets along with consuming all the goodies that only comes once a year. And fret not, for those who are not celebrating Chinese New Year you can always give an awesome gift related to the festival to your friends and clients! Be it for your Chinese friends/client or friends/clients from other religions. As always, the team at iwantCustomGift have crafted some unique gifts that you will not regret getting for your friends and clients.

With the market constantly growing, shoppers are having more choices than ever when it comes to purchasing items for their recipient. And those choices does not end even though the item has been bought and paid for. Customer retention is a crucial factor when sustaining your company’s growth. So what should you do for your clients/customers when wanting to show them a token of appreciation for all their support over the years?

Simple, by sending them a gift be it for a special occasion or just a simple thank you. Still not clear and want to start somewhere? Well do not worry cause iwantCustomGift is here to help! We will be sharing with you some tips in selecting the perfect gift for your client.

Personalizing your gifts

Never blindly get a gift for your clients especially when buying in bulk. Some of them might love it while others might hate it. You always have to consider your recipient’s like and dislikes, and from there source a gift that would be meaningful and practical for them.

One example would be our porcelain bowl set, there are 3 different sets to choose from. The first one comes in 2 which is perfect for couples/partners, the second set comes in 4 for your clients and their family and the final set comes in 6 where it can be used among their friends. By knowing and understanding your clients you would be able to know which set would be the perfect one for them. On top of that, you are also able to personalize the bowls by printing on special initials or sayings on to it, this will allow your clients to feel unique and thought off when they receive their bowl set or when they are using them.

Another gift that would allow you to personalize them for your clients would be our chopstick gift set. Some clients may not like the idea of receiving bowls as a gift however would still like to get some cutlery for their usage, fret not cause we got you covered as we have also crafted a chopstick gift set for corporate companies to gift their clients. Our chopstick gift set comes in 2 colours, the classic gold set and the classic silver set, the chopsticks can be used for many different reasons but of course the main event is the act of “Lao Yu Sheng” where it is the action of tossing ingredients that are placed on a red plate to indicate tossing up a good fortune for the year ahead. So by being able to do that with their very own personalized chopstick set it would be an unforgettable gift to your clients, on top of that besides just using the chopsticks for such an event clients are also able to use them daily be it in the office where they can bring it along with them during lunch or at home when having a meal with their family members. By giving them such a gift they will always be reminded of your company and just how much care and thought have been put into it while, selecting such a practical and meaningful gift for your clients.


Don’t overdo it 

Do not overdo it or over gift your clients, let’s say your client pays for your company’s product/service and you decided to send them a gift that is much more than the amount they pay for your business. That is overdoing it and also going overbudget. You need to remind yourself that, when picking a gift for your clients you need to keep the gifts in proportion to how much your clients spend on your company. This way they would not feel uncomfortable receiving an overpriced gift while only paying a fraction of the price to your business.

One gift that would be inexpensive yet meaningful for your clients would be our Chinese New Year antibacterial reusable masks! With the need of still having to wear our masks when we go out, we have decided to design some Chinese New Year Masks for our clients and customers. This way they are still able to dress up for the special event along with being able to match their outfits with the masks. On top of that, the younger generations rarely wears red during the new year so by gifting our clients with some red Chinese New Year masks, it will allow not just them but their family and kids to be more festive during this season. There a different designs to choose from and of course we have designed both adult and kid sizes so everyone in the family is able to wear them and enjoy the new year celebration ahead. There are 4 designs, 3 of them are in adult sizes which are the heng, ong and huat while the guai is in kids size. So don’t worry about not being able to match as a family as we’ve got you covered!

Another gift idea that would not be overdoing it would be sending them a gift that is able to be used be it at work or outside of work. One example would be our custom premium pineapple tote bag for the ladies and of course our gentlemen can get them as well. By getting your clients such a gift like a bag they would be able to use it no matter the occasion and they might even use it when they are going to work. The pineapple tote bag is not only perfect for the Chinese New Year visiting and collecting of red packets but would also be a great plus point to your outfit along with being a conversation starter with family members and friends. It is both a practical and unique gift for your client, as it will allow your client to be the centre of attention when they walk into the room, on top of that clients are also able to share this gift with their family members especially clients with kids as it would be a cute accessory for their child to carry around and pose with for a picture in their Chinese New Year outfit or just a photo of them on an outing together. By sending such a gift to them, it will not only be inexpensive but also a gift that would be liked by many.

Thinking outside the holidays 

While many people tend to send gifts to their clients when it is a special occasion or a holiday like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines etc. However, by constantly just giving gifts that only represent those holidays are too niche. So a good idea is being able to send a gift to your client that they are able to use no matter the holiday season. A few example of these gifts would be office supplies, minimalistic home decorations, cutleries and many more. At iwantCustomGift we have a gift that is practical and meaningful for all your clients no matter the occasion.

And that is our premium pineapple paperweight and coin bank. Where clients are able to use it as a paperweight for their documents and paperwork as well as being able to save their money while doing so. One scenario would be as your client is going for lunch they would not want their paper to be flying around so they can use our pineapple paperweight to prevent that from happening and after lunch when they are back, they are able to drop in their small change into the coin bank and would not have to worry about having to carry a heavy wallet around with them. Along with that, when they or their colleagues are in need of small change, they are able to just open up the pineapple paperweight/coin bank and take out the amount they need. So, by gifting them such a gift it does not just symbolize as a Chinese New Year gift but also a very practical and meaningful gift as they are able to keep their documents in check while being able to save on the job.

With the celebration of the new year coming soon, there is no reason not to send your clients a few gifts to thank them for the support they have shown to your company over the years along with wishing them a fruitful and prosperous year ahead of them. This way you will retain your client’s trust and loyalty and deepen the relationship they have with your business.


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