3 Custom Corporate Gift Bags that your client won’t want to miss out on

3 Custom Corporate Gift Bags that your client won’t want to miss out on.

3 Custom Corporate Gift Bags that your client won’t want to miss out on.

With the new year starting and the need of having to go back to the office to work, what better timing would it be to not gift your clients a useful and practical gift that they would not want to miss out on? This gift would be a great help to your clients with their work and organization when having to settle back into working in the office.

These gift bags would not fail to bring a smile to your clients face once they receive it with the thought of just how thoughtful and caring your company is to them by providing them a practical and meaningful gift for them to help them to settle back in having to go back to their offices daily now.

On top of that you are also able to customize these gift bags for your clients to add that personalized touch that would help to create customer retention for your business and it will be helpful for the years to come.

Travola Bag

The first bag that we will be introducing to you would be the Travola Bag, which has a sleek design with unlimited ways of uses for it. It can be your gym bag, toiletries bag, shoes bag, work bag, leisure bag and even your travel bag. You may be wondering just what is so special about our Travola Bag? Well let me tell you that it is not your normal ordinary bag as there is a boast of a wide range of compartments and capabilities with different zips and applications available for the bag.

You will be able to use it everywhere and anywhere as our Travola Bag is designed with a rigid durable grip which will allow you to carry it with ease along with an expandable side compartment for your bottle. Another surprise is that, there are also 2 different ways of how you can carry our Travola Bag, you can convert it into either a backpack or a sling bag with its given 2 duo metallic convertible hooks. With that you are able to choose whichever style that you would want to carry for that day.

One thing that differentiate our Travola Bag from other backpacks is that, in the Travola Bag itself there are 3 different bags or compartments for your items. First one is your toiletries bag where you are able to unzip and open the back pocket of the bag to expand it into a toiletries bag for your after gym sessions on top of that you are also able to put your soiled clothes in.

The second bag is a laptop working bag, where there is a padded backing which allows you to place your tablets or laptop at the back. It is also designed with an organized pocket to place all your cables and accessories onto the padding.

The last bag is the shoe bag, where you are able to place your shoe into the bag itself for easy travelling and also it has air ventilated holes to air out foul smells. The bag can also expand to place your sports shoes or slippers inside with no foul smell emitting out.

Another plus point about our Travola Bag is that our zips are all hidden to prevent theft when commuting while still being able to access your valuables with ease.

With such a versatile bag your clients would be more than happy to receive such a gift, and of course you are also able to customize it like the colours, special embroidery or prints etc. By doing this your clients would appreciate such a helpful and practical gift with it being personalized just for them.

Ransform Bag

The next bag that we will be introducing would be our Ransform Bag that many people love, it is the 1st foldable travel work leisure bag for all. One main feature of this bag is that there are multiple pockets hidden in this easy to carry and foldable bag, more pockets than you think.

Our Ransform Bag is featherweight compared to many other bags, it is that it uses extremely light nylon material to ensure that you are able to carry the bag with ease and not feel the load while carrying it. It also has 2 ways of carrying it just like our Travola Bag, it can be converted into a backpack for those who have a heavy load of items to carry or just a tote bag to easily slip your electronics in.

Like we stated that the main feature of our Ransform Bag is the multiple pockets hidden in it, now let us share with you the compartments. Firstly, our expandable side pocket where you are able to slot in your bottles with ease, secondly our easy front zip compartment and 2 front pockets where you are able to have easy access to your valuables. And lastly, our expandable bag size where you are able to easily expand the bag size just by unfolding the top compartment and it will simply enlarge the size of your Ransform bag by another 20%.

Our Ransform Bag is designed for all with no gender inequality, and there is a hidden strap compartment where you can easily hide the straps when converting your bag in between a backpack or a tote bag.

You might be wondering just which of your clients would appreciate getting this bag as a gift? Well let us tell you that, this bag is perfect for individuals who want to carry a small yet big bag for application. It is also designed regardless of gender and age group so it is for all to use! On top of that the featherweight of this bag would be loved by many along with its expandable design.

Geni Z Leather Bag

The last bag that we have got for you is our Geni Z Leather Bag where its main feature is that you are able to carry it in 4 different ways, which is a travel bag, tote bag, sling bag and a backpack.

The travel bag is where our Geni Z Bag has a back slot strap which allows you to simply slot it over their luggage where it allows them to easily push their luggage with minimal effort. Secondly, the backpack where there are 2 hooks and straps which easily allow the Geni Z to transform into a backpack anywhere and anytime.

Our Geni Z is designed in a way that it is unisex and you are able to choose how you would like to carry it. Be it carrying over your arm like a tote bag or sling it over to one side for work, leisure or travel.

A couple of features that our Geni Z has is the front duo pockets, where it allows you to place their items like coins, USB and even charging cable and power banks quickly and easily without having to rummage through the main compartment of the bag.

Second feature is the quick access front zip which allows a quick and instant storing and placing of valuables in double quick time. Users can place their commonly used items like their wallet, phones and other valuables in that area so it would be accessible anytime.

The third feature is the wide zip middle compartment, you can place your big items like your books, laptops and tablets inside. The middle pocket also has a wide and expansive pocket which allows you to place everything you like without having the need to struggle carrying them in your hands.

Another cool feature of our Geni Z bag is that there is a USB charging slot where an external USB charging cable is available for you to easily charge your phone while you are out and about. You simply just need to plug it in and it will charge your phone!

There are also multiple organizing compartments in the Geni Z which allows you to keep your items neat and tidy and not have it cluttering your bag resulting in you having to rummage your bag when you are looking for a specific item. On top of that our Geni Z is also water resistant so you do not need to worry about running in the rain and getting the items in your bag wet or accidentally spilling a drink over your bag.

With our Geni Z being both stylish and practical, it would be best suited for clients who would like to have a bag that uses strong reinforced fabric which will allow for long hours of carrying even with heavy weights inside.

With the new year just starting not long ago, and the growing need of having to go back to offices to work. Corporate companies can gift their clients these 3 bags to their clients along with customizing and personalizing it to the client’s taste. They will definitely appreciate it and use it in their day to day travels to the office and back due the amount of items they would need to carry with them. With the bag, it will definitely help with the load they would have to carry with them and at times like that, they would think of your company and appreciate the kind gesture of giving them such a useful and practical gift.


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