5 Ways to Fall in Love with Customized Corporate Gifts

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Customized Corporate Gifts

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Customized Corporate Gifts


Every event, every customer will always bound to receive a corporate gift at a particular place, a particular venue with a particular logo and a particular customer/supplier. The majority of the people will just tend to take the gift and just throw it away, snap a photo and upload to social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.  Show off to their family members or friends, use the gift blindly without knowing the real meaning behind it, give it to their family members/friends or just keep the product at home and never use it. However, nobody will really fully appreciate a corporate gift until they know what is the real meaning behind a corporate gift. Lucky for you, In this blog, we will explain to you and you will learn how do you fall In love/use / fully appreciate a corporate gift.

1. Know the real features

Every product has a feature of how to use,  what is the real benefit,  what is the real meaning of the product. Every product that is being created, has a reason for it. The reason is to solve the problem of the user. For example, let’s talk about a power-bank. Do you have any idea what is the real feature of the power-bank? Make a quick guess, if you have no idea let me tell you. The real feature of the power-bank is to let you charge your phone, it can fast charge your phone so that after some time you can use your phone back to the normal state.   it can charge your phone whenever you go without having to worry about your phone battery died. Now since you have a rough idea of the real feature of a power-bank, let me give you another example. Do you know what is the real feature of a wallet? It’s pretty easy actually if you don’t manage to get it right for the second round, please continue to read. The real feature of a wallet is to let you keep your money, card, coin inside so that you don’t have to worry about losing your things especially your money. View our wallet here.

2. Understand the Benefit

Now you know what is the real feature of a power bank and a wallet, let’s talk about the benefit of the products. The benefit of a power bank is to allow you to message your friends/family/clients, browse your social media, take a photo, organize your folder, on the phone with somebody, check your email, watching your favorite movie/show while charging your phone at the same time. We have different types of the power bank to suit your needs and wants you can view it. I’m pretty sure by now you have a better understanding of the real feature and the benefit of a product. Let me give you another example. The benefit of a water bottle is to allow you to drink your water everywhere you go, you won’t feel dehydrated especially after the workout. You can take a look at some of our water bottles.

3. Look at the application on how to use it

Lets be real here alright. Be honest with me how many of you when you receive corporate gifts, you will ask yourself or anybody on how do you use the product? Do you always wonder how do you use the product?  It’s okay if you got no clue, this blog here will enlighten you. Every product has a meaning/purpose behind it. For example, let’s talk about USB. You can use USB to file transfer your files, store your photo, important documents, store your favorite music or video, store your PDF File or your study documents. Another good example would be a multifunctional pen. A multifunctional pen can be used to write and make it as a phone stand, it can also be used as a flashlight, screwdriver, stylus, etc. If you are curious, you can take a look at some of our multifunctional pens here.

4. Check the market trend

When you receive a product, it is always good to go google and search what is the product all about. Find out more details about the product because you will never know if you receive a good quality product, a hidden gem or just a normal corporate gift for your event. For example, if you receive a water bottle you should go do some research what is the water bottle about, what is the water bottle made of, especially if the water bottle contains BPA free. Another method is to snap a photo and show it to your friends/family members they might give you the answers. The third method is to go google and search keywords like a multifunction water bottle. When you check the market trend, you will further appreciate and love the product more. You will understand what the product does and how does the product applied to your real-life scenario. Checking the market trend is to give you a purpose and to compare with the outside market and the retail industry so you know where the produce stand.

5. Post & share

To appreciate the corporate gift more, you can always snap a photo and upload it to your social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and share with everyone. Your supplier/event organizer would absolutely love it when you put in the effort to share it because they spend a lot of money, their time, their effort to do their corporate gift and they also would want their logo and their product to go viral on the social media. When people saw your post, the supplier/event organizer will have more business, will have more customers and will have more referrals. Before you post, always remember to ask your supplier/event organizer for approval first. Once they approve, you can then hashtag the event name, the client name, what the product is all about, you can even hashtag some creative/funny/interesting captions. When you post, your family and friends will know what you are up to. They might even give you some views and opinions about the products as well.


There are definitely a lot of ways to like and to fall in love with a corporate gift. The most important part is to understand the real feature and to find out how it can solve the problem of the user. Because if you find out how you can solve the problem, I’m very confident to say that it can improve your life, make you more productive and it will definitely enhance your innovation,  your creativity and also it will make your life so much easier,  faster and it will save you a lot of time as well. Every product has its lifespan as to when it will first spoil, first defect so I will always advise you to appreciate, use and understand the product more. Last and not least, please do enjoy the product, appreciate it and have a good time playing with it.


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