Dummies For Corporate Gifts – Understand The fundamentals & Basics of Custom Gift

Dummies For Corporate Gifts – Understand The fundamentals & Basics of Custom Gift

Dummies For Corporate Gifts – Understand The fundamentals & Basics of Custom Gift

What is a Corporate Gift

External / Internal Corporate gift

As we know in the corporate world , a corporate gift is a product or an item that is branded with a company logo and packed for an individual or designated for an event.  In this article, iwantcustomgift shows and explains in laymen terms and simpler manner as to what is a corporate gift and the various types of corporate gift in the corporate world.

A corporate Gift is break down to either an external gift or an internal gift customized by the company or an individual.  In the following infographics below, you will see the break down the different types of corporate gifts.

Internal Corporate Gifts

Internal Staff Gifts

Executive Gifts /  Anniversaries /  Year End Gifts /  Holiday Gifts /  Goody Bag /  Souvenirs /  Party Gifts/  Seasonal Gifts

Internal Corporate Gifts are customised product and items that is customized with the company logo and to be distributed to the members and employees of the company. These internal Corporate gifts are given out in a couple of different occasions to seasonal periods.  From Annual Dinner & dances to anniversary , these customized gifts are distributed to the employees in recognition for their time and work in the company.  During the event , some companies also customized plaques and trophies to recognise certain individuals of the company.  During festive seasons,  Many companies tied up seasonal parties with Annual Dinner together where they customize gifts during the festive season period.

For  more reading of Seasonal Gifts for internal Staff , Please read https://www.navexglobal.com/blog/article/internal-controls-gifts-holiday-season/

A good practical gift for internal gift would be a Vacuum flaskhttps://iwantcustomgift.com/vacuum-flask/ )  for the employees to drink and bring around at their workplace to promote cohesiveness and health in the company.

Partner / Management  / Stakeholders Gifts

Custom Made /  Mementos  / Exclusive Gifts /  Custom Branded Gifts  / Premium gifts

In certain occasions,  the companies would also need to produce premium and unique gifts for the top management or the stakeholders of the company.  This is to thank the top management for their effort in the company. By doing that,  most companies would need to produce a premium or unique gift for the top management for this special occasions. As the top management has receive multiple gifts in many occasions , companies would need to produce a custom made gift , branded gift or  a special innovative gift  where they will keep and use this premium gift in the long run.

These premium gifts must be special to create a deep impression with the management or to have special features where they cannot find anywhere else in the market.

Here are some innovative unique special gifts where you can impress and let the top management use with the special features incorporated in the product. https://iwantcustomgift.com/smart-gadgets/

External Corporate Gifts

Customer Gifts

Premium /  Luxury /  Business  Gifts /  Marketing Gifts/  Promotional Gifts / VIP Gift Set /  Custom Gift  / Sales Gift / B2B Gift /  B2C Gift /  Business meeting Favour / Advertising Gift

This is the #1 reason why many companies are customizing and producing gifts for their company.  They are usually premium and business gifts for existing clients and promotional gifts to potential prospects to the company.

For High net worth client, companies would customize VIP Gift Set / Premium & luxury gIft set to thank the customer for their contract and trust in the company. As for normal customers,  most sales and marketing would produces  Custom Gift / B2B /  B2C and Business meeting favours in return for a meeting and time to upsell their existing clients.   As for potential customers and prospects,  many companies would produces marketing and advertising gifts to attract and lure the attention of those hot prospect in hoping for a meeting or a deal with the company .

Please read the article below for more information on how to do marketing with gift.


Press / Media  Gifts

Press Kit /  Media Gifts / Product Sample Kit /  Goody Bag

I am sure companies would want to customize a gift to thank the press and media for thei presence in their event or product launch.  These gifts are called press and media gifts which comes in the often in a press Kit which consist probably a product sample and a custom gift bearing the logo of the company for the press to bring it back.

One good examples would be a Card USB  where companies upload their company product details and print the product image for the media to circulate into their press . For More information of press and media gifts, please visit  https://zapier.com/blog/best-press-kit/

Events Gifts

Door Gifts / Massive Giveaway Gifts / Low End Gifts / Promotional Tradeshow Gifts

In an event or a tradeshow ,  many companies would produces gifts and promotional bag to attract people to their booth and table.  This promotional gifts are usually low cost and are given out massively to attract and get prospects for their sales department.

Apart from the low end promotional massive giveaway gifts , it is mandatory for companies to print and customize their Bags to insert their catalogues and product samples inside. This bags comes in the form of woven bags , canvas bag and paper bags bearing the company logo for recipients to put their stuff and brochures inside whilst walking in the show.


It doesn’t matter if you customize gifts for internally for employees or externally  for customers. Even though they are meant for different people and occasions,  they are still be used interchangeably as they bears the logo of the company .

If you require advise and help for searching the right corporate gift , download the customized free proposal  from iwantcustomgift so our gift consultants and assist you.


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