How to Create the Right Promotional Gift for Your company?

How to Create the Right Promotional Gift for Your company for Exhibitions and Event ?


How to Create the Right Promotional Gift for Your company for Exhibitions and Event ?

There is a wide range of Corporate Gifts ranging from Technology gadgets, low-end promotional products and unique ideas for your branding activities. It is important to select and customize the right product for the right customer fitted for the right event.

How do we know if that is the right customized gift for your company? It depends on the type of event, demographics of the customer as well as the purpose of the gift.


In Singapore context, it is a taboo to customized a clock for your customer as it is different context meaning for sending a clock to a customer.

For Exhibitions and events that cater to a wide range of audience, it would be good to customize a low-end promotional gift below $5 in bulk quantities as you are reaching out to as many people as possible in the event. Hence the purpose of the low-end promotional Gift is to strike a deep impression to all the recipients of the gifts so that they will remember your brand and company after the event.


The next barrier that would post to you is that, if there are so many companies giving our promotional gifts, how will your corporate gift stands out from the rest of your competitors? To solve this obstacle, your corporate gift must have some promotional activities so customers would able to get different corporate gifts in different manners. To let your customer remembers your brand after the event, your corporate gift must be either unique or innovative so the recipients will remember your Promotional gift.

To let your promotional activities leaves a deep impression with your customer, your corporate gift must stand out from the rest and it must also be practical and innovative so they can use the corporate gift on the daily basis. This Promotional gift will let your recipient remembers your brand as your corporate gift idea is at the back of their mind.


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