5 Popular Models of Custom Powerbanks – Corporate Gifts

5 Popular Models of Custom Powerbanks – Corporate Gifts

5 Popular Models of Custom Powerbanks – Corporate Gifts

5 Popular Models of Custom Powerbanks – Corporate Gifts


  • Powerbanks can good Gifts as it saves the users phone
  • Gives them extra battery and power boast to their phones
  • Allows them to use the corporate gift as an essential door gift
  • A Good Corporate Gift that they can use and share amongst their friends and families

Wireless Powerbanks

  •  An Advanced and Futuristic Powerbank for all Smart Phones
  • Appeal for the C Level and New Generations
  • An Innovative Corporate gift that lives your brand to a new level
  • Lets you charge your Phone Wirelessly or via a USB Cable
  • Cableless and Fuss Free

Light Small and Emergency Powerbanks

  • Small, Portable, Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • They are all used to corporate gifts hence a small Powerbank is practical and portable for them
  • Can boast their phones and gives them extra juice
  • Pocket size so they can put in their pocket and carry it around easily

Gives Your Phone a Full Charge and More

  •  Gives your Phone 1 full charge and more
  • Allows you to use your phone relentlessly the whole day
  •  Able to support your day of work and activities
  • The User is able to use and share the Powerbanks with their family and friends
  • A Corporate Gift that they will bring overseas and day trips

Special and Multifunction Powerbanks

  • Different and Stands out from the Rest of the Powerbanks
  • Have integrated functions that allow the user to use the Powerbank easily
  • Doesn’t require you to bring Cables Outdoor
  • Doesn’t require you to worry about your phone model that you are using
  • Compatible with all phones and Easy to use

Durable & Resilience Solar Powerbanks

  • People who are on the move most of the times
  • Doesn’t worry about getting battered and knock on the edges
  • Shock, Drop and Knock Proof
  • Able to charge the Powerbank Via Sun lights by placing on the Car Dashboard
  • You can hook on the bag and charge the Powerbank on the Go


  • Good Corporate Gifts such as Powerbanks must be compact and easy to carry around
  • Innovative Doorgift Ideas such as wireless Powerbank are Uniquely futuristic Corporate Gifts
  • Wireless Powerbanks are the future of Corporate Gifts
  • Portable Small Powerbanks are useful practical and essential door gift ideas

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