Corporate & Door Gift Ideas as Travel Gifts

Corporate & Door Gift Ideas as Travel Gifts

Corporate & Door Gift Ideas as Travel Gifts


  • Door Gift & Corporate Gift must be Small, Practical and Lightweight
  • Gifts must be useful and essential
  • Solve the needs and problems when they bring it for traveling
  • Base on the Budget of $10, You get good items

Travel Adaptor

  • Able to Charge their Phones with USB Ports
  • Let them use their laptop on Airports
  • Small, Practical and Easy to use anywhere and anytime
  • 150 Countries Compatible World Wide

Anti RFID Wallets

  • People don’t like to carry their wallet overseas
  • Must be Light and Easy to carry around
  • Material Made from Zinc and reflect RF Signals
  • Prevent Thieves from stealing your card information
  • The users only bring a useful card instead of the entire wallet when traveling

Portable Battery Packs & Powerbanks

  • It Must be within 20000mah
  • Single Charge for a full day of activity
  • Light and Not Bulky to carry around
  • Able to use as an emergency battery
  • Able to have 1 backup full charge
  • Make sure it fits into pockets, bags and sling pouches.


  •  Make sure the items must be small and easy to carry around
  • Have a good budget of $10 to make sure you can customize for travel gifts
  • Light and Small items are the best travel gifts
  • Any useful and practical items are good corporate and door gift for all

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