Corporate Gifts that are in Popular Demand during this Corona Virus COVID-19 period.

Corporate Gifts that are in Popular Demand during this Corona Virus COVID-19 period.

Corporate Gifts that are in Popular Demand during this Corona Virus COVID-19 period.

As we have that many companies are people are left scrambling purchasing and acquiring many products and items during this COVID-19 period. Therefore the demands for many products have arisen sharply and the supply has dipped during this Chinese New Year period. During this period, many companies are looking for corporate gifts companies for supplies of many items for their employees, partners, shareholders, clients and affiliated partners.

 In this crucial period, many companies have postponed or cancel their events, tradeshows, seminars, and conferences to a later date of the year. This is to minimize the risk of spreading the virus amongst the recipients. On top of it, big companies have also activated business contingency plans to allow 50% of their employees to work from home or away from their office. This is also to ensure that the company will not have a virus outbreak in the event if someone contacted the infectious.


 In this article, we will share with you the types of corporate gifts that many companies are looking for to distribute for their employees, partners, and clients. 

 Hand Sanitizers 

As we all know that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is spread through bacteria and germs wide through touching of items with our bare hands, therefore hand sanitizers are the number 1 corporate gift that many companies would want to customize with their logos. Hand sanitizers usually come in 30ML travel sizes and are known to kill 99% of the germs on their hand. Customizing hand sanitizers with the company logo would be a perfect gift for the employees of the company to show their wellbeing and caring to them.

Customize hand sanitizers would allow the users to disinfect their hands and plans after touching rails, pressing buttons or after multiple handshakes with different people in a corporate event.  Using the hand sanitizers would be extremely easy as ABC.

Simply press a pinch of sanitizer and rubbing and spreading the get all across your palms will be a perfect way or using the sanitizers. We would recommend you to visit professional sites on the exact way of using the sanitizers. 

  Customized hand sanitizers with corporate logos would be the #1 corporate gifts due to their sizes and portability. It comes with a bag holder where they are tagged to their keys and bags. Its portable 30ML size would also allow them to carry across overseas, tag to their bags for work or even weekend leisure trips to the malls. 


The early signs of contracting the virus would be having a high fever. Therefore thermometers would be one of the hot products that many companies would require for their employees.

Digital Personal Thermometers are low-end promotional products where they are distributed in bulk and mass quantities. Customizing them in logos and giving them to all of the recipients and users of the vent would be the ideal gifts. Digital Thermometers would be a more accurate measurement of the person as the measurement is detected through the user’s armpit and under tongue areas.

Infra gun digital Thermometers are a costlier and expensive product as it could cost 10X more than the personal digital thermometer. It would simply detect a user’s temperature without touching the person simply by placing the thermometer on the forehead of the end-user. Given its price, functionality and hygiene reasons, this is a more premium and high-end gift for VIPs, clients, partners, and management to consider with their logos for distribution. 

Both products are exceptional corporate gifts as one is tailored towards a mass distribution promotional products where the other product is more towards premium corporate gifts with a higher perceived value for VIPS and stakeholders. 

 UV Air Sterilizer 

As much as everyone is sharing the common space, everyone would also want to stay as healthy and germs bacteria free for their health wellbeing. This product “UV Air Sterilizer” basically kills and exterminates all germs and viruses within the area in a room. It uses UV light and Rays and removes all of the germs within 20 minutes. In these 20 minutes, we would not recommend anyone to stay within the area as it would be hazardous for some users of different health conditions. This is a premium corporate gift where it purifies the air around the space where you are using. Given its high-end value and premium gift positioning, it targets C level suites and VIPs.

Many companies would then brand their logos on this premium gift to show its brand positioning in its market. I am sure you will not see a cheap brand to customize a premium gift for its client and you will also not witness a premium brand to customize a low-end promotional gift for its client as well. 

Therefore this premium high-end gift would establish the brand of the company to re-affirm its branding positioning it withheld in its market and industry. 


During this crucial period, many companies have shifted their attention to producing health-related corporate gifts or promotional products that promote hygiene and cleanliness practices. There is no limit as to the type of products that the companies should customize their logo on the products. However, it is up to the promotional consultant diligence to brainstorm and propose the right appropriate corporate gift for the company.

In our personal opinion, hand sanitizers are the number 1 promotional gifts for employees and clients. However, if a company would want more ideas, promotional consultants can customize different essential products and pack them in a Kit to combat the current crises that companies are facing. 


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