Corporate gifts that can help you to work from home.

Corporate gifts that can help you to work from home.

Corporate gifts that can help you to work from home.

Giving corporate gifts to your clients and employees is a great way to build strong relationships. The corporate sector has been using corporate gifts to raise awareness about their brands and products. Ultimately, corporate gift Singapore has become one of the main tools of marketing. Businesses are using alluring corporate gifts to restore their reputation with clients and employees.

As we all know, our world has been hit by a deadly coronavirus. It started to spread about 5 months ago and has affected 4.2 million people across the globe. As a result, the majority of countries imposed strict lockdowns and asked people to follow social-distancing. Most of the businesses started work from home policy.

Work from home sounds fascinating until you start to feel the pressure of self-quarantine. It is very difficult to stay focused and motivated to work. People are finding it hard to avoid distractions. Not everyone can cope up with their changed routines. People are struggling to find a balance between their personal lives and work.

During such difficult times, it is very crucial to show your caring nature towards the clients and employees. You can give them high-end premium corporate gifts that will help them to work from home.


The first thing anyone needs to avoid COVID-19 is a face mask. The novel coronavirus is transferred through the droplets from an infected person’s cough and sneezes. There are different types of face-masks like cloth masks, surgical masks, and respirators. The face mask can be given as a corporate gift for your clients and employees.


During the day, we are constantly touching things. It is easy to catch the virus from these frequently touched items. Washing your hands with soap and water is a preventive measure to tackle coronavirus. If that’s not available, you must use an alcohol-based sanitizer. A sanitizer with 60% – 95% of isopropyl alcohol and ethanol are the best to kill disease-causing germs.

UV-C Sterilizers 

The coronavirus can sustain for hours or days on different items. A UV-C sterilizer can be used to kill 99.99% of germs from any surfaces. It can disinfect your phones, makeup tools, towels, and face masks.

Air Purifiers

As everyone is working from home, it can be hard to get some fresh air. An air purifier can be set to purify the house and kill any foreign substances like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and pollens.


A desk diffuser can be a great corporate gift. A set of essential oils can be given along with the diffuser. The essential oils can help the user to stay calm and get rid of the anxieties.

Noise-canceling Headphones

While working from home, it is tough to concentrate on one thing. There could be noises coming from an upstairs apartment. A premium quality noise-canceling headphone is what you need at that time.


To increase productivity while working from home, one should plan their day. A planner can help you to stay focused and work more efficiently.

Back Support Pillow

If you are sitting in a chair for long hours, it is possible that you feel start to feel pain in your lower back. A back-support pillow will be a great corporate gift to give to your clients and family.

Corporate gifts are a great method to build strong relationships with your clients and employees. Amid this tough time, everyone is waiting for the end of corona time. Businesses should try to motivate and encourage their associates to stay focused while still keeping productivity high. Along with the above said corporate gifts, there are many more items that can be given to the clients and employees that would help them to work from home.


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