Interesting facts I bet you never knew about corporate gifts for clients

Interesting facts I bet you never knew about corporate gifts for clients

Interesting facts I bet you never knew about corporate gifts for clients

Maintaining a positive corporate relationship is a very serious task. The corporate sector is following the trend of giving corporate gifts for clients, vendors, and employees. A well thought corporate gift can be a great marketing tool for your business.

Various researches and surveys have shown that if businesses gave well-thought, personalized, and customized gifts can bring positive results to your marketing campaign. Corporate businesses are always looking for more ways to find unique corporate gift items.

The promotional corporate gifts are mainly bought for the company’s current clients to show appreciation towards their investments in the company. Additionally, corporate gifts are used as a token of reward for employee’s hard work and dedication towards the company’s success. The businesses are using the best corporate gifts to establish strong relationships with the prospective receiver.

As most businesses are spending a lot of money on corporate gifts, there are many things that are considered like setting a budget, what item to give, and selection of the supplier.

Finding the perfect corporate gift is a difficult task. If you want to use corporate gifts successfully, you must do your research first. You need to follow a set of guidelines when it comes to selecting a tasteful and subtle corporate gift for a client.

Furthermore, if you gave the wrong corporate gift, it might end up in the garbage. Occasionally, the receiver can get offended by a certain gift.

There is a vast selection of corporate gifts available online and at retail shops. You can choose from a variety of business cards, electronic gadgets, idols, statues, calendars, fruit baskets, flowers, and wine.

Before you start the journey of finding an alluring corporate gift, you need to understand a few facts about corporate gifting.

  • Receiver’s Interests: The most important thing is to know your client. You must spend some time to learn the client’s personal taste, likes, and dislikes. You can make a quick call to your client and ask them simple questions about their hobbies, etc. If you know the receiver, you would have to make fewer efforts while selecting the corporate gift.

The receiver would appreciate the personal touch and your thoughts that went into finding the perfect corporate gift item. This gift will show your value and remind the client about your great gesture.

  • Less Promotion, More Practical: The success of giving a corporate gift item depends on the practical utilization of that item. The corporate clients want to receive a gift item that they can use every day. The receiver should want to keep the gift forever.

Businesses fail to realize that the corporate gift item should be attractive and the receiver must want to use it. As the process of deciding the perfect gift is very tiring, they end up giving a very simple item like a mug filled with the company’s logo.

Even if the main purpose of giving these corporate gift items is the promotion of your brand, you do not need to go over-board. One simple and small logo will be just fine. If the whole mug is covered with logos, no one would really want to use it.

If it is very obvious that the corporate gift item is for advertising, it might leave a negative impact on the client’s mind. The branding should not be overwhelming.

  • Personalized and Customized: A personalized item can leave an ever-lasting impression on the recipient’s mind. You can either include a handwritten note or get the corporate gift item engraved with the recipient’s name. You can add an inspirational quote or a message engraved on the item.

You can also get the item customized with the company’s logo and tagline. Just be mindful of the size of the logo. You should avoid covering the whole item with a logo as that can bring in negative attention. Adding your brand’s name on the corporate gift item will increase your company’s awareness.

  • Quality: If you want to build strong relationships with your client, you can give them premium quality corporate gifts. You must avoid buying cheap quality items that might break after one use. A low-quality corporate gift can harm your image and reputation with your clients. There are many premium corporate gifts available that can fit in any type of budget.
  • Presentation: Once you have bought the gift, the next step is to present it to the client. You need to pick the correct packaging for the gift. You must buy a nice wrapping paper and add a personal touch with a card. There are many retailers who offer gift packaging services. You can always mail the corporate gift to the recipient’s address but if you want the client to remember you, hand delivery is the best way.
  • Budget: In order to take full advantage of the corporate gift trend, businesses need to send them regularly. This can put a lot of pressure on the company’s budget. You need a solid budget to buy personalized and customized premium quality corporate gifts. While selecting the corporate gifts for the clients, you must pay close attention to the budget.
  • Timing: Everyone expects to receive gifts around holidays. These gifts are used to offer holiday greetings. These gifts fail to show your caring nature to the clients. That is why businesses should send corporate gifts all around the year. You should surprise the recipient by giving the premium corporate gift and show your appreciation. It’s great to receive a gift when its least expected.

At last, the businesses must use the opportunity to enhance their bonds with the clients by giving them corporate gifts.


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