Customized Trends & Technology for Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products

Customized Trends & Technology for Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products

Customized Trends & Technology for Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products

Do Corporate Gifts Suppliers use Trend to find the right Corporate Promotional Gifts

It would be boring if you customize the same corporate gift with the same corporate gift suppliers, let alone considering when you are about to give the same corporate gift to the same customer at another different promotional event.  Therefore it is critical to get a trendy corporate gift supplier where they can use the latest trend analytics to find out what is the latest trend in the market so to find out what is the latest gifts and promotional gift that you should customize for your promotional activity.

As a corporate gift purchaser yourself, you should find out what is the latest trend where the social influencers are using, what most of the people are wearing and using out in the streets and the big retail brands are doing.  With this 3 parameters,  you should understand what is the latest trend in the market so you have a good grasp on how to apply the trend for the right corporate gift with the in trend corporate gift suppliers.


Using Technology Related Corporate Gifts

Some of the companies find it a challenge to customize technology related items as their company corporate gifts because they face a wide array of options and unsure what is the right item to customize for the company. Technology Related Gifts are considered essential and practical because they are perceive as premiums and items which increase their productivity.

A company who are going to purchase technology gadgets as part of their corporate gifts should always find out what are the big retail technology brands are doing in the market first.

This will give the companies a good understand of what are the latest gadgets and the commonly used item so to customize the perfect corporate gift for your promotional activity.

Custom Wireless Speaker With Logos and make a good Gift  

Wireless Speaker do make a good corporate gift considering its ability to play your customer favorite music and videos, as well as to make a conference or video calls.  The perceived values of a Wireless Speaker as a corporate gift is considered a premium gift for the customer . Customized Wireless Speaker makes a perfect Corporate gift as the customers would definitely keep them for their own personal use, share it with their family and friends or keep it at their home or office.

Customized Wireless Speaker would allow the customer to bring that promotional products outdoor, and allow the user to enjoy their music at the beaches and family gatherings.  One of the trends is when many users are playing viral videos on facebook using a wireless speaker where they can share the video with the family and friends.   Therefore when they are using your wireless speaker, they saw your Logo on their Corporate gift and always remember your brand and message inscribe on the promotional gift.  They would associate happiness, positivity and optimistic when they received your custom wireless speaker as part of the corporate gift.

Customized USB Logo – One of the Most Trusted and Traditional Gift

One of the most respected and commonly customized corporate Gift is always customized USB.  Customized USBs are often customized by companies are part of their promotional activity, marketing tools and press conferences.  Many companies would preload their company prospectus and introductory file into the customized USBs and give them out during meetings and exhibitions within reach to their prospects.

Some company would lock their PDFs and files into their customized USBs as part of the service call “  Data Locking “  where the customers would not be able to delete or remove that files inside the USBs. In addition,  companies are also able to rename the folder name and change the icon of that Folder into their company logo as part of the service for their customized USBs.

Even though some companies are restricted to USBS, but many would also still need to use Customized USBs for their own personal and leisure use where they can even transfer files from their mobile phones.  One of the reasons why Customized USBs are the most commonly customized corporate gift is because of its small nature, portability and practical where many users can use it instantly as a plug and play with their computers.

Many Companies Turning to Powerbanks as part of their Corporate Gifts

There is no doubt that everyone would have at least 1 mobile phone or a tablet with them. Considering the intense amount of work, emails, text messages and social media that one would use their phone with, Our mobile phone batteries would run flat or dry very soon. Therefore many companies are customizing Powerbanks as their corporate gifts for their customers.

This way, customers can use their power banks instantly and charge their phones during the event. They would also bring the power banks back home and share it with their family and friends. This would associate your brand and Logo as being reliable and trustworthy as your corporate gift have saved and increased their productivity and lower the worry of their mobile phone’s battery.

Customized Powerbanks do make a good corporate gift when the customers would require a battery boost on their mobile phones and they would relate your brand as a lifesaver brand.

With a wide array of choice and options for customized power banks as a corporate gift, you would need to consider your budget and type of customers before finalizing the right power bank as your company corporate gift. You should at least consider 5000mah as part of the battery capacity considering that it can charge at least 1 to 1.5 times your mobile phone.

In terms of aesthetic and size,  it would be good to customize a small or thin size power bank for your company corporate gift as they would use it instantly and bring it on the go during their work.  Most users would be able to purchase power banks in the market, hence you should customize a thin and slim power bank as most office users can bring it for their meetings and daily tasks.  One of the most beautiful parts about power banks is when the customers share your corporate gift with their family and friends as it becomes a more personal gift item to the customer


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