Using Custom Shape Gadgets as Corporate Gifts for Promotional Activity

Using Custom Shape Gadgets as Corporate Gifts for Promotional Activity

Using Custom Shape Gadgets as Corporate Gifts for Promotional Activity

What Type of Corporate Gift is the Best?

With so many selections to choose from, it is hard for a Marketer to choose and customize their own corporate gifts for their own promotional activity.  Therefore it is always good to engage a corporate gift consultant or advisor to advise on what type of corporate gifts and promotional products are available in the market and suitable for your marketing and promotional activity.

Firstly it really depends on the purpose of your corporate gift if you are using it for massive giveaways, Premiums or customers visits.  Therefore identifying the sole purpose of your gifts would be the key to know what type of corporate gifts works for you. This section we would be putting our focus on using custom shape products or gadgets for your marketing and promotional activity.

Is Custom Shape Promotional Product a good idea?

Custom Shape Promotional products or gadgets is about customizing a 3 Dimensional or 2 Dimensional replicas of your Product, mascot, Logo or even your idea into a promotional gift. It uses Silicone, Rubber or any other customized materials and molds it in a Die cast shape into your desired image or product.

One of the best benefits of custom shape products or gadgets is that it brings out the essence in your product and it is uniquely different from the rest of the competitors.  You own your own product image rights,  your own Logo designs, your own creative idea, and your own mascot design. Therefore customizing that image would be the one in the world design that no one else has that particular design which you have customized for your promotional activity and corporate gifts.    This way, you have your own unique standing proposition where it is a talking point and a selling point for your sales team to your customers.

What can Custom Shape Gadgets Bring out in your Product

Custom Shape Gadgets and promotional products are the most suitable corporate gift for product launches. Because customizing your new product in a custom shape gadgets allows your customers to visualize your product, allows your sales team to use that custom shape gadget to explain the key points to the customers.  Most importantly your custom shape gadgets have made an impact into the visual eyes of your customers. Not forgetting that your customers would get to see your product most of the time when they use your custom shape gadgets.

Custom Shape Gadgets definitely brings our the selling points and unique factors out from your products.


How did you stand out from your competition With Custom Shape Gadgets

With so many competitors and companies getting their corporate gift from the brick and mortar shops, online trading sites and directly from China. It is very hard for your competitors to stand out from your custom shape gadgets given the visual impact and the sales benefits that your custom shape gadgets bring out to the customers.

Custom Shape Gadgets definitely appeals better the traditional gifts hen you display the series of gifts across on the table.  In addition, your custom shape gadgets outline and showcase your product directly which makes your sales team job even better.

10 Seconds of Promotional Activity With your Custom Shape Gadgets

Giving out a Promotional or corporate gift is not just as simple as it is like passing out a document.  The 1st 10 seconds of giving out a Corporate or promotional gift is critical as it breaks the ice barrier of the customer and lowers the defence mechanism of the consumers as well. Customers would definitely thank you for your gift and make them feel warmth and part of the extended family.  Sales team would know how to sweeten the corporate gifting mechanism during sales meeting and pitches.

However, custom shape Gadgets has made the 10 seconds of corporate gifting sweeter now given the visual impacts and a 3D replica of the product. In the 1st10 seconds of passing that corporate gift gadgets to your customers, always be warm and sincere in telling them that this gift is customized and reserved for this particular client. This makes the customers even loved that corporate gift more and appreciate the sales team effort.

The next 5 seconds would explain how the 3D custom shape gadgets or promotional products is, in terms of how it relates to the product, the key points and aesthetic factors of the product that the sales team would want to sell to the customer. The sales team would be able to use that custom shape product to kick-start their sales pitch to the customer hence making the rest of the sales talk easier and smoother.

Returns of Investment and Benefits Roundup With Custom Shape Gadgets as  Corporate Gifts

There have been so many benefits about using custom shape gadgets as corporate gifts given its visual effect and feasibility of the product. We have talked about how the custom shape gadgets bring out in your products as well as how to maximize the gifting process using custom shape gadgets or products to your customers.  In the next upcoming articles,  we will talk about what types of custom shape gadgets or products we should use as a corporate gift or promotional activity for your marketing activity.


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