10 such corporate gifts that we can give to our clients at the time of Lock down

10 such corporate gifts that we can give to our clients at the time of Lock down

10 such corporate gifts that we can give to our clients at the time of Lock down

At the moment, the whole world is in the middle of a pandemic caused by coronavirus COVID-19. The virus started to spread from China during the month of December. As of today, over 2 million people have been infected by the virus. Over 642,000 cases had an outcome with almost 134,000 deaths all across the globe.

Most of the countries have announced a complete lockdown and residents are not allowed to go out of their houses. Medical practitioners, grocery store workers, police officers, and the army officials are constantly working to control the spread of the COVID-19. The governments have requested the citizens to follow prudent measures like social distancing and good personal hygiene.

The novel coronavirus spreads through the droplets from coughs and sneezes of an infected person. The main symptoms are fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. The shocking part is that it takes 2-14 days to develop symptoms. If you get exposed to the virus and you kept contact with other people until symptoms start to show, you can spread the virus to other people unknowingly.

All the recent cases of infection are the result of social spread. A report showed that around 3.4 million travelers visited the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. Over 228,000 Americans came from China. Due to which the officials asked everyone to stay isolated and follow social distancing.

As a result, most of the businesses have made it obligatory to Work from Home. During this stressful time, businesses still need to show appreciation towards their clients. In order to show your caring nature or just to find out about your client’s well-being, giving out a corporate gift is a perfect way.

To build a strong relationship with the clients, businesses give corporate gift items. You can get these items personalized to match your company’s brand. You can add engravings like the receiver’s name and an inspirational quote to the innovative product. These personalized items will help you to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the receiver.

Here are 10 items that you can give to your clients during the lockdown.

  • Sanitizers: COVID-19 transfers through the droplets from an infected person’s mouth or nose. The virus can be transferred by touching frequently used surfaces and items. One of the main measures to defend yourself from the novel coronavirus is to regularly and frequently wash your hands. If water and soap are unavailable, it is prescribed to use a sanitizer with 60% – 95% of like isopropyl alcohol and ethanol. You can put your company’s logo on the bottle of the sanitizers and then give it to your clients.
  • Face Masks: The novel coronavirus can sustain for several hours in the air. It is transferred through the droplets from an infected person’s cough and sneezes. WHO requested everyone to use face masks to cover their nose and mouth. These masks can be personalized by adding the receiver’s name.
  • Moisturizers: To avoid being infected by the virus, you must wash your hands frequently. Due to continuous washing, hands tend to be dry. To recover from dry hands, you can use heavy-duty and fruit-scented lotions. Just like the sanitizers, you can add your company’s logo on the bottle of moisturizer. Additionally, you can write a personalized message on the cover.
  • Thermometers: One of the main symptoms of respiratory infection is fever. This digital thermometer can be used to measure the body temperature in self-quarantine.
  • Air Purifiers: The respiratory infection caused by the COVID-19 is transferred through the droplets from an infected person’s cough and sneeze. In order to enhance the quality of the air, more and more people are using air purifiers. These air purifiers filter the air by pulling it in and killing the unwanted particles from it, then purified air is discharged.
  • Back Support Pillow: As everyone will be working from home for long hours. Not all chairs are comfortable to sit in. These back support pillow can provide extra comfort to your back. The pillow is made with 100 memory foam and comes with adjustable straps that can be used on any type of chair.
  • Planner: Everyone needs to plan their workday even if they are working from home. Give these functional planners as a corporate gift to your clients. The receiver can use the planner to increase its Productivity by planning the next day beforehand.
  • Headphones: You can give noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones for your clients. These headphones can be really handy when you need to be on a conference call with your business partners and there are loud noises coming from your surroundings like a crying baby.
  • Desk Diffuser: An essential oil diffuser that can be placed on a desk is the perfect corporate gift that can be given during the lockdown. This diffuser can be placed on the desk and you can make your home office filled with an exquisite smell. The essential oils used can help you to stay calm and focused.
  • Disinfectant Supply: The COVID-19 virus is transferred from person to person by touching the contaminated surfaces. You must disinfect these surfaces with alcohol-based sprays. The virus can survive for 2-3 days on any plastic or metal item. You can spray the disinfectant and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then wipe it with a clean paper towel to kill the germs. The cover of wipes can be customized with your company’s logo.

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