Creating Custom USB as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Creating Custom USB as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Creating Custom USB as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

It create brand awareness

Why custom USB is so popular as a corporate gift in Singapore because it can create brand awareness. In any case of events or giving as a business gift, it will make customers remember your product or service by customizing USB and remember you and your brand for a longer time. Brand image and advertising marketing custom gifts can help potential customers connect your brand with positive things. By giving custom USB to your potential customers, it gives them a solid visual impact and makes your brand easier to remember by customizing your company logo on it.


Size is one of the reason

The most common reason for people choosing Custom USB as a corporate gift is the size. Reason being is because a USB is smaller than the size of your palm. So it is easier to carry around, bring it anywhere you want to and you can even slot the custom usb into your pocket or your purse or your keychain. You can also hook it onto your bags and keys to make it difficult to lose it. Because of its portability and being the pocket size, your clients do not need to carry a bag to transport the usb, making their life so much easier.


It is practical

The another reason why Custom USB is highly received by visitors and clients is because of the practicality of its product. Each and everyone would always need a USB to transfer their files and save their important files / documents or presentation in their USBs.


It is a perfect gift

Client love it when it is free. We are all human beings who just love to receive free gifts. Your client can bring it back home and share the USB thumb drive with their family members and friends. Their introductory videos and products information can also be upload into the custom usb.


Improve brand image and product perception

Providing customers with Custom USB can help the company improve its business scope. Remember that outside the business / corporate world, gifts are a symbol of goodwill. Therefore, in the field of marketing and advertising, we provide corporate gifts in Singapore to our customers to enhance the goodwill of our customers and treat commercial brands with a positive attitude.


Different types of Custom USB

If you are not sure what type of Custom USB you should buy, here are a few examples of our popular Custom USBs that you can take a look.


1) Mini USB In Pouch

This is one of the slimmest USB that comes with a leather pouch for easy keeping. It is so small that you put it in your pocket or your wallet so that you won’t lose it.

2) LED Glass Wooden USB

If you are looking for a simple yet classy USB, this is the right choice for you. You can customize your design to engraved within the glass USB. This Wooden USB is installed with LED backlight, which illuminates your surrounding in the dark with colors as you insert it into the driver. Spice it up with a wooden packaging box to give it a premium look.

3) Magnet Clip Lanyard USB

This USB is connected to a lanyard which can be customised with the company/event branding. A clip/carabiner cardholder can be attached to the lanyard upon request making this an all-in-1 solution in proving convenience to the employees in the office.


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